Chottanikkara Temple Ghost: 90 Best Vazhipadu List

Chottanikkara, the Devi Temple, is a well-known temple dedicated to the mother goddess Bhagavati. Here, devotees seek to eliminate negative energy or spirit, and the Goddess’s mother kills Chottanikkara temple ghosts. She is a sort of Mahalakshmi.The legend says goddess Bhagavati she lives in Chottanikkara Temple with her husband, Maha Vishnu. The temple is located in Chottanikkara, a suburb in the southern part of Kochi city, which is within the state of Kerala, India, and is one of the top tourist destinations in India.

chottanikkara temple ghost and goddess

chottanikkara temple ghost
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Sree Mahamaya Bhagavati (Adi Parashakti) Goddess and Goddess Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati are among the most revered goddesses in Hinduism.

Chottanikkara Devi (Melekavu Bhagavathi) is worshipped in The temple is available in three forms: Mahasaraswati in the morning dressed in white, Mahalakshmi in the afternoon with crimson colour dressed And Mahakali at night, dressed in blue.

Goddess ‘Keezkavu Bagavathi’ was believed to belong to Bhadrakali in her fierce and ferocious form; Bhadrakali is a variant of the Mother Kali.

It is believed that Mother Kali was born from Shiva’s third eye. Supposed to kill demon king Darika. Apart from the primary God, The temple complex comprises Keezkavu Bagavath temple, temples for Sastha, Siva, Ganapathi, Nagas, and the other Upa-Devas.

The relaxing atmosphere at the temple brings peace and tranquillity to the devotees. Mentally ill people and other devotees visit the temple since Chottanikkara Devi is believed to be able to cure mental illnesses of those People who suffer from the evil spirit.

Guruthi Pooja is a ritual performed in the late evening to invoke the Goddess Mahakali. The earlier ‘Guruthi Pooja was performed only on Fridays.

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However, nowadays, it’s practiced every day. This temple opens its doors daily at 4 AM every day. It is believed that the Goddess Mookambika of Kollur is a worshipper who attends the first ceremony in Kollur before heading to her temple.

Another unique aspect of this temple is that its Goddess isn’t fixed, and the statue is lowered to the ground and lies on sand beds. In her area is the idol Of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, devotees pray to her and her brother Lord. Narayana and chant “Amme Narayana’.

Chottanikkara temple ghost story

When Vilwamangalam Swamiyar went to this temple, at the point, he saw an intense radiance of light over the sanctuary lake. He organized an inquiry, and the present sculpture of Keezkavu was tracked down in the temple tank.

There is an additional story about an individual, Gupthan Namboodiri, who was chased by Yakshi during a trip to visit his acquaintance Kosapilli Namboodiri who polished mysterious sciences.

The Yakshi was a Pretty maiden who attempted to lure Gupthan Namboodiri. He was carrying a Palm leaf from Devi Mahatmyam; she could not harm him. But Gupthan was attracted by her. When he got closer, he realized that she was not a human.

His friend Kosapilli Namboodiri’s residence, Gupthan, narrated the incident, and Kosapill determined that the lady had been a Yakshi. He then handed Gupthan Namboodiri an enchanted towel to take along upon his return journey to safeguard himself from Yakshi.

When Gupthan was aware that the Yakshi was following him, Gupthan ran towards the Chottanikkara temple, where the Gupthan Namboodiri threw his towel outside and then jumped to the temple’s area.

The Yakshi was following him, but she could only hold his feet. At the point when Gupthan shouted out for help from the Mother Goddess, she emerged and sliced the Yakshi to pieces furthermore tossed her into the Temple tank. That tank is referred to the present time as Yakshikkulam or Rakthakulam.

Chottanikkara temple ghosts end up with Guruthi Pooja

To Keezhe Kavu Bhagawathi, the intellectually upset people go for a fix. They are brought and attached to individual posts inside the sanctuary. When they feel the presence of the Goddess, particularly during the ‘Guruthi Pooja.’ time (blessing with a fluid made of lime and turmeric, which transforms into a deep crimson tone), and they go into a daze.

Around evening time, after 8.30 PM, there is a ‘Valiya Guruthi’ or a major Guruthi during which Guruthi from 12 tremendous vessels is poured over the Goddess.

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It is felt that assuming an intellectually upset individual takes part and witnesses this Guruthi every day, the malicious soul which has impacted them would leave them and run away. The contaminated are brought to the minister here, who collaborates with them and requests that they give themselves up to the Goddess.

cleric nails piece of hair to the sanctuary tree as a sign that the spirit soul has been caught and individual is liberated from their sickness.

chottanikkara temple pooja timings

Morning Darshan4:00 am to 12:00 pm
Evening Darshan4:00 pm to 8:45 pm
Prasadam Timings1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Guruthy at Keezhakavu Temple8:45 pm to 9:30 pm
Seeveli6:00 am to 6:30 am
Ucha Pooja12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
Deeparadhana6:15 pm to 6:30 pm
Athaza Pooja7:30 pm to 8:00 pm
chottanikkara temple ghost

Chottanikkara Temple Vazhipadu List

NumberPooja NameCost/Price
4Guruthi PushpanjalyRs-30
5Lalitha Sahasra Nama PushpanjalyRs-50
6Sathru Samhara PushpanjalyRs-60
7Swayamvara PushpanjalyRs-50
8Aikyamathyam PushpanjalyRs-36
9Ashtotharam PushpanjalyRs-40
10Bhagyasooktham PushpanjalyRs-36
11Purushasooktham PushpanjalyRs-36
12Sreesooktham PushpanjalyRs-36
13Moolamanthram PushapanjalyRs-50
14Saraswatha PushpanjalyRs-60
15Mrithyunjaya PushapanjalyRs-60
16Pandheerayiram PushpanjalyRs-840
17Special Neypayasam (Big)Rs-180
19Special Neypayasam (Small)Rs-100
26Tidappally NivedyamRs-50
33Chandanam CharthuRs-240
34Sarpathinu Noorum PalumRs-75
36Special PoomoodaRs-11080
41Bimbam NiramalaRs-120
42Thali PoojaRs-60
47Vahana PoojaRs-300
48Thottil VazhipaduRs-101
53Thrikala PoojaRs-720
54One Day PoojaRs-3300
58Keezhkkavu Sampoorna Ney VilakkuRs-4200
59Melkavu Sampoorna Ney VilakkuRs-7200
60Sharkara NivedyamRs-60
61Ayilyam PoojaRs-240
62Mandapathilpattu (Full)Rs-50520
67Brahmana BhojanamRs-1200
69Niramala ChuttuvilakkuRs-9000
70Video FeeRs-720
76Valiya Guruthi (3 Vessel)Rs-14000
77Valiya Guruthi (5 Vessel)Rs-19500
78Valiya Guruthi (7 Vessel)Rs-21500
79Valiya Guruthi (12 Vessel)Rs-28000
80Sudarsana Chakram (Small)Rs-180
81Sudarsana Chakram (Big)Rs-360
82Shree Chakram (Small)Rs-180
83Shree Chakram (Big)Rs-360
84Mrithyunjaya HomamRs-360
85Ashtadravya Ganapathy HomamRs-600
86Ganapathy HomamRs-145
87Silver AmuletRs-170
90Swarna ThaliRs-360
Chottanikkara temple ghost

NumberPooja NamePrice/Cost
96Nakshathra mrithyunjaya pushapanjally1235
97Mandapathil Paattu(Without annadanam)27720
98Mandapathil Paattu(Without niramala)40320
99Mandapathil Paattu(only)18720
100Nakshathra Pushapanjaly650
101Nakshathra Lalitha Sahsranamam Pushapanjaly1105
102Nakshathra Swayamvara Pushapanjaly1105
103Nakshathra Saraswatham Pushapanjaly1235
104Nakshathra Aikyamathyam Pushapanjaly975
105Nakshathra Ashtotharam Pushapanjaly975
106Nakshathra Bhagyasooktham Pushapanjaly975
107Nakshathra Moolamanthram Pushapanjaly1235
109Karkidakam Annadanam28800
110Mandalam Annadanam32400
111Nakshathra Guruthy Pushapanjaly845
112Nakshathra Guruthi845
Chottanikkara temple ghost

Chottanikkara Temple history and legends

The Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple is accepted to be around 1500 years old. This temple spot was thick timberland, and there carried on with an ancestral called Kannappan, whose spouse had passed on.

Kannappan was an incredible fan of Goddess Parvathy. Since he was a tracker, he used to forfeit a creature to his everyday most loved Goddess. He had a charming little girl who was extremely affectionate with her pet, which was a cow. dad also used to forfeit cows, she kept her pet cow close to her and cared for her well.

One day, Kannappan couldn’t get another creature to penance to her Goddess; thus, he requested his little girl to give her pet cow for that day’s penance. His little girl mentioned to Kannappan that she be forfeited rather than her cow. Kannappan’s heart liquefied, and he was a changed man.

He understood that he was doing an off-base thing by rehearsing creature penance. He and the pet cow remained close to the sanctuary’s Bali stone the evening. In the first part of the day, the cow herself had gone into a stone. That spot is called ‘Pavizha malli thara.’ (Spot of the coral jasmine blossom).

Individuals accept that the pet cow of Kannappan’s little girl was to be sure of Goddess Mahalakshmi. That day Lord Vishnu showed up before Kannappan also exonerated his wrongdoings and chose to be available in the sanctuary with the Goddess.

That is how the idea of Lakshmi Narayana came to this sanctuary. Where Kannappan used to forfeit his cows is the area of the KeezKavu Bhagawathi.

Same story yet in various manner. It is said that the spot where the sanctuary presently stands is a thick woodland and was the home of a few insidious spirits and tribesmen.

One such ancestral was Kannappan, a lover of Kali, and to satisfy the Goddess, he would forfeit a cow each Friday. On one occasion, he ran over a lovely calf close to the backwoods and chose to forfeit the calf to Kali. Not long before he lost the calf, his girl argued with him to stop the penance.

Kannappan cherished his little girl and let her keep the calf. Unfortunately, his little girl passed away a couple of days after the fact broke the Kannappan.

With tears in his eyes, he chose to incinerate her body, and to his shock, his little girl’s body disappeared. A cleric informed him that this was a discipline for him as he effectively removed the calf from its mom for penance.

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Understanding his mix-up, he started to search for the calf, and he found two stones in their place; all things being equal, the minister illuminates that the rocks are heavenly in nature and portray Maha Vishnu and Lakshmi.

He was approached to offer supplications to these stones come what may be regular. Furthermore, he would be pardoned for his wrongdoings. After his passing, the rocks were neglected, and on one occasion, a grass shaper ventured into the backwoods to cut a few types of grass and understood that her blade was gruff.

She chose to hone the blade on a stone, and as she drew her sword and brushed it against the rock, it started to drain. Stunned at what she saw, she carried the make a difference to the consideration of others, who brought a minister who viewed the stones as heavenly and so started the love of the god. A similar stone is still adored as the fundamental god in the sanctuary today.

Chottanikkara temple miracles

Adi Sankara visited the sanctuary and got to the idol of the presence and force of Mookambika.

The legend says Adi Shankaracharya understood that no sanctuaries were committed to Goddess Saraswathi in Kerala. So he chose to do tapas in the Himalayas; Sankara was honored with the ‘darshan’ of Goddess Saraswathy, whom he mentioned returning to Kerala.

The Goddess consented to do such depending on the prerequisite that Sankara was not to think back while she went with him. After a long journey, when Sankara felt he couldn’t hear the jingle of the Goddess’ anklets, with uncertainty, he thought back; however, unfortunately, the Goddess had by then transformed into a brilliant sculpture since he had broken his guarantee.

Where this episode occurred in Kollur, close to Mangalore, Karnataka, where the renowned Mookambiga sanctuary was assembled, and Sankara blessed the symbol.

Sankara was disheartened by the new development and asked for the absolution of Saraswathy, whose heart softened for her enthusiast and guaranteed that she would introduce herself at Chottanikkara Temple in the morning time, and he can meet her there.

Chottanikkara temple dress code

According to the Chottanikkara Temple dress code, males should wear dhotis, and There is no need for a dress code (only an Angavastram). Devout women must wear a sari Churidar, pavadai Chattai, or salwar kameez. They will not be permitted to allow entry inside the Chottanikkara Temple wearing informal attire like shorts, jeans, or T-shirts.

Chottanikkara temple festival

MAKOM Thozhal, Chingam, Kanni Navaratri Agosham, Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Vrishchikam, Kumbam, Meenam, Karkatakam, Navaratri Agosham.

Chottanikkara Temple Makam Thozhal festival

Makam Thozhal can be described as the biggest festival in Chottanikkara Temple. The festival is held annually for seven days during Kumbham in the month of Kumbham (between February and March).

The Devi is bathed during the ceremony. The pond is located north of the temple. Following her bath, She is taken away along the Sastha, Lord Sastha, with seven others on the backs of elegantly dressed and elegantly dressed elephants that are beautifully decked and caparisoned.

The Lord brought the procession to “Pooraparambhu”- the vantage point from the temple. They are open until 11:15 AM. In the afternoon, the entrance to the inner temple’s sanctum is shut to protect Ucha pooja. The pooja reopens at 2:00 PM to show the Goddess in all her glory, beauty, and splendor.

The scene at the moment is an unforgettable sight to behold. The Devi is covered in precious silver and gold jewelry, ornamental garlands, and precious jewelry.

The theory is that the Goddess created decorative garlands, and jewelry was seen in this form before Villwamangalam Swamiyar. Following the “Prathishta” (installation) of KeezKavu Bhagawathi. He was said to see the Chottanikkara Devi dressed in amazing clothes and stunning jewelry with Varam Abhayam, Shank, and Chakram with her arms in four.

This moment is known as Mithuna Lagna, and its adherents believe that just one glimpse (Darshanam) from the Chottanikkara Devi moment could mean the satisfaction of any wish and prayers.

Best Time To Visit Chottanikkara Temple

The ideal opportunity to see the temple during the period of Makam ThozhalThe temple’s one of the biggest annual festivals. The festival is celebrated for seven days; the grounds are lit with diyas, elaborate poojas, and huge elephant processions.

Numerous weddings are also held in the temple during this period. The temple’s visit at this calendar time is genuinely an opportunity worth a lifetime.

Chottanikkara temple contact number

Phone: 0484 271 1032

chottanikkara temple address

Chottanikkara Devaswom, Chottanikara, Ernakulam District,kerala.Pin- 682312,India

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