Information About Durga Puja And 2022 Date

Why Do Bengalis Celebrate Durga Puja

Information about durga puja for Bengalis, from the beginning, have always been a believer in shakti puja. They have a deep desire to worship the god of shakti.

Information about durga puja
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Therefore First, in Bengal, the image of Kali was the first time imagined, along with the worship and devotion to goddess Durga puja was initiated.

Bengalis always had a deep respect for women and their belief in the power of these goddesses (shakti)

There is a region (shakti) of women located in West Bengal known as Birbhum. The area is called Birbhum because of the thousands of sadhak who have contemplated there for a long time.

Then, they were devoted to her mother goddess (shakti) for many hours at this spot and received the highest power and darshan of the goddess.

In addition The goddess Durga is the symbol of power and energy. Yet, for the Bengalis, she’s just as important as their beloved daughter.

When we worship Goddess Durga, We worship confidence and control and love. This puja has two aspects, which makes it the ideal puja. It is a Bengalis-only puja.

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Bengalis are a unique breed, and also the Bengalis, Durga Puja, which is held in autumn, is the most significant cultural and religious festival.

Within the Bengali festival calendar, there is a Bengali festival. Durga Puja is celebrated, not exclusively within West Bengal but in other regions, like Bihar, Assam, Odisha, and many states.

India and out of India in the region, where India and out of India, where Bengali communities live.

Above all This festival is intended to express gratitude to Goddess Durga for her blessings and honour her win over Mahishasur, the demon.

There is a belief that Lord Rama was worshipped by goddess Durga to seek divine blessings before launching the battle against Ravana. Durga Puja is a 10-day celebration, usually falls in October.

Durga Puja begins at Mahalaya on the first day of the festival. Mahalaya is celebrated by singing Agomoni songs or welcome songs.

also, there is celebrating Shashti, Saptami, and Ashtami days later, which are the festivities that include Shaptami, Shashti, Ashtami and Nabami.

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An elaborate community bhog, or offerings to the Goddess of food, is cooked and after that taken by the crowds on the everyday festival.

Tenth of the day is Bijoya Dashami, in other words The Goddess is carried away to the sound of the dhak or traditional drum to be used for the soaking of nearby water bodies or rivers.

Durga Puja Date 2022,2023 And 2024

Durga Puja 2022 Date

Puja DateDayPuja YearPuja Name
30 SeptemberFriday2022Maha Panchami
1 OctoberSaturday2022Maha Sasthi
2 OctoberSunday2022Maha Saptami
3 OctoberMonday2022Maha Ashtami
4 OctoberTuesday2022Maha Nabami
5 OctoberWednesday2022Bijaya Dashami
Information about durga puja

2023 Durga Puja Date-Information about durga puja
Puja DateDayPuja YearPuja Name
19 OctoberThursday2023 Maha Panchami
20 OctoberFriday2023 Maha Sasthi
21 OctoberSaturday2023 Maha Saptami
22 OctoberSunday2023 Maha Ashtami
23 OctoberMonday2023 Maha Nabami
24 OctoberTuesday2023 Bijaya Dashami
Information about durga puja

2024 Durga Puja Date-Information about durga puja
Puja DateDayPuja YearPuja Name
8 OctoberTuesday2024 Maha Panchami
9 October Wednesday2024 Maha Sasthi
10 OctoberThursday2024 Maha Saptami
11 OctoberFriday2024 Maha Ashtami
12 OctoberSaturday2024 Maha Nabami
13 OctoberSunday2024 Bijaya Dashami
Information about durga puja

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