How To Satisfy Shani Dev | Shani Bhagwan Chalisa

Who is Shani dev?

Shani dev is Hinduism’s divine personification for the planet Saturn. It is one of the nine heavenly items (Navagraha) in Hindu astrology.

It is believed that he is the incarnation of Krishna. Krishna says to himself, and He is Shani among the planets of Brahma Vaivarta Purana.

Shani dev, a Puranas male Hindu deity, also names Shani dev ,The character is shown wearing blue or black robes and has dark skin.

A vulture, or on an iron horse-drawn by eight horses. Shani dev holds his Hands a bow, arrow, Axe, and trident. He is Canonically Shani rode on a large crow, which follows him wherever he goes.

Some astrologers believe that he may have more than one. Mount. He is a horse, elephant, Donkey, lion, dog, jackal, and deer owner.

Although this is controversial, the vulture is considered the God of Karma (deeds). Justice and Retribution and results depend on one’s thoughts, Speech, deeds (karma), and Speech.

Shani dev controls longevity. Misery, sorrow, old-age, discipline, restriction and responsibility delays, ambition, leadership, authority, humility, integrity, Wisdom based on experience. He also symbolizes spiritual asceticism.

He is also known as Sani, Shani Dev, and Sani Maharaj. Shanaischarya, Shaneeshvara, Shani Bhagavan, Saneeswar means The Lord of Saturn is designated as The most difficult task is to grant the results of one’s actions.

shani dev
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He is also one of the most misunderstood gods in Hinduism. Hindu Pantheon is said to cause chaos in your life.

Every day without a stop. Before that, he was thought to be milder. Life is possible if he was prayed—day Saturday in many Indian languages.

He was married twice: the first was Neela, the personification of Blue Sapphire gemstone, the second Manda, a Gandharva princess.

Shani Dev Birth Story

There are many stories about Shani’s birth. The one found in India’s ancient “Scanda Poorana” is the most important and widely accepted.

Kasi Khanda is as follows. God Soorya was married viswakarma Kanya Samjna. Samjna couldn’t Accept the radiant light of God Surya.

It was something she used to feel by doing. She could also increase her brilliance by performing penance. The Oder, she could improve her brightness through her power, and she could make God Surya’s glare less harsh by penance.

For God, Surya was a wife who worshipped her husband. She had three children from God Surya. Children. Vaivastahva Manu was the first. Yama Raj was the second, and the third was the Yamuna. Samjna loved her kids very much.

She was very disturbed by the radiant light of God Surya. One day, she thought she would leave God Surya and go to her parents’ house.

You will be able to do great penance. It would also do great penance if we were to be opposed. Go far to be alone and do great penance.

Samjna, through her penance, created a “Chhaya” (shadow) by the strength of her penance. Suvarna was her name, and After giving the children to Chhaya and Samjna, she told her that Chhaya would then play womanhood.

She was responsible for her three children’s care. She advised her that she should immediately notify the authorities if there were a problem.

Call her, and she will rush to you. However, she cautioned her, and she must remember that she was Chhaya and not Samjna, which is the difference.

Samjna handed over her responsibilities and went to Chhaya’s parents’ place. She returned home to tell her father she couldn’t. The radiance of God Surya is always with us. Without telling her, She had left her husband.

Her father was furious at her for listening to all this. she thanked her for everything and asked her to call her if she wanted to be called.

When she returned home, He said to her: Samjna immediately returned to her home. Samjna started to worry about what would happen if she didn’t return home.

She went back. What would happen to her responsibilities? Chhaya was given. Where would Chhaya go?Samjna then went into the dense forests and found rest there. Because of her youth, she was afraid for her safety in the jungle.

Beauty and grace. She also changed her appearance to that of a mare so that none could see. She recognized her and began her penance. The union of God Surya, Chhaya, and God Surya had three children. God Surya and Chhaya were They are happy together.

Surya did not doubt anything. Surya and her children Chhaya were Manu (God Shani), Putri Bhadra, and Putri Bhadra (Tapti).

The story behind the most fearsome God, Shani

Maharishi Kashyap was the one who created God Shani. ‘yagna.’ Shiv Bhaktini Chhaya was God Shani in the womb Chhaya.

She was so involved in the penance of God Shiva she didn’t care about her food. During her penance, she prayed so hard that the prayers were impossible to hear. Her profound influence had on her child while she was still in the womb.

This had a profound influence on her child in her womb—a great penance of Chhaya without food or shade in the blazing sunlight. God Shani’s complexion became black.

Surya was shocked to see God Shani’s dark skin when he was born. He began to doubt Chhaya. He said that this was an insult to Chhaya. Not his son.

God Shani dev inherited his great powers from birth. Mother’s penance. He realized that his father was insulting the mother.

His father was a cruel man to him. His father’s body was subsequently discarded. The blackened skin was charred. The horses of God Surya stopped their chariot. The chariot was stopped.

It would not move. God Surya was worried and called God Shiva. God Shiva God Surya was advised, and he explained the events to him.

This is because he earned the respect of both mother and child. Injected and tarnished. God Surya acknowledged his error and offered to make amends.

He regained his former glory and the power of his horse chariot. Horses. God Shani has been a faithful son to his mother and father ever since. An ardent disciple and follower of God Shiva.

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Legend of Lord Shani Dev

  1. Ravan had taken control of all 9 Planets. He placed them face down On the nine steps that led to his throne. Every morning he went. He would then take each of them to his throne and firmly step on their backs humiliatingly. Shani dev asked him to teach him a lesson.

Naradji visits Ravan and suggests that he switch the planets. They are backs so that Shani could look at Ravan. At Narad’s instigation, Ravan did so.

Ravan immediately turned those Shani gazed at Shani and his mind, putting the planets on their backs. He had Sita kidnapped within a few months.

Eventually, Rama and his brothers and close friends invaded Lanka. People and the army were killed in the conflict that followed – as was everyone else—the result of Shani’s influence on him over his 7 and 1/2 years.

  1. Parvati, Ganesha’s mother, displayed her newborn baby when he was born. To the gods of other gods. She insisted Shani dev also look at the other gods.

Shani (Saturn), with her fiery gaze that brings karma home, Roost, at her request, willingly glanced at the child, using one eye, but even that caused the baby’s head and neck to be melted to ashes.

Vishnu, the God of salvation, came to the rescue and replaced the baby’s head. With the help of an elephant, the world was spared from the wrath of Shakti, who pledged to end all her manifestations one at a time. If her child is not brought back to life, she should notify Shiva immediately.

Either Shiva Vishnu found an elephant head and used it to repair the elephant. Ganesha is the key to your success.

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  1. Shani dev did not spare Lord Rama. Shani passed over Rama’s Moon: He was forced to flee his kingdom and go into exile for 14 years.

Even though he is Vishnu Himself, he was incarnated. While Ravan took his wife and forced him to wander far and wide. In search of her.

  1. Once, Shani dev had told Shiva that it was time to have His Sadhe Sati. He was going to stay with Shiva. Shiv asked him, “What’s the use of?”

I couldn’t want anything more than to have you stay with me. Illuminate me with respect to whether you have any requests. It is important to know all about it and then only visit it.” Shani replied, “All right.”

Two days later, Shani dev arrived at Shiva’s Banaras home. Shiva said, “Now I am coming with you.” Samadhi remained there for 7 1/2 years.

After that time, he got out of the river and smiled. Shani asked, “How might you have the option to help me?” Shani dev stated, “Lord Lord, even though you rule the Tri-Lok (“the Three Worlds”),”

Fear of me drove you to flee and hide in the Ganga River. The half-year mark. You call this “doing nothing to me”? Shiv thanked Shani dev for his kindness and saluted him.

You are the most frightening planet in the entire solar system, and you deserve your congratulations. Your punishment is too severe for the average man.”

  1. Legend says that Shani dev once meditated, and his wife was there. He approached her. She was looking for love and tried to seduce him with Her beauty.

Shani, however, was deep in meditation and was unaware of her beauty. He was completely unaware of his surroundings. She cursed after feeling insulted.

Shani knew that anyone he looked at would be met with misfortune. Destruction.

  1. Shani dev has influenced everyone in the universe. When Shani dev enters someone’s moon or Sadhe Sat, it is a sign that the person has gotten a new start. Shani’s gaze also affects those who are affected. There are many difficulties in life.

Even King Vikramaditya, who was the Ruler of the whole world, lost his kingdom. He is charged with A neighboring King who robs him of his legs and hands.

Vikramaditya eventually prays to Shani, who is happy with Vikramaditya’s devotion to and restoration of his former glory Shani dev He wanted to pierce his ego.

These are the values that Shani Mahatyam emphasizes Complete devotion (bhakti), perseverance in difficult situations, and total devotion are all part of bhakti Faith in the values you believe in, and confidence in them is a must.

You can live your life despite all the difficulties.

  1. According to the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman is believed to have saved Shani from being enslaved from Ravan was in Shani’s clutches, and Shani offered Hanuman her gratitude.

Anybody who prayed to him (Hanuman) on Saturdays would be saved from the “malefic effects” of Saturn.

The effects would be lessened. The worship of Lord Hanuman can be a panacea to the severe impact of the disease. Presence of ‘unfavorable’ (but actually beneficial in the spiritual sense). Lord Shani dev

how to satisfy shani dev, the God of Justice

Every day in India is associated with the celebrations of a different God. According to some, celebrating other Gods on additional days can add value. Meaning is a way to find meaning in your everyday life.

Each God makes a unique contribution. To celebrate a specific God on a special day and to live in the lives of devotees. The auspiciousness and luck of the day are only amplified by the particular day.

On Saturday, It is believed that Lord Shani dev should be praised. It is thought that Chhayaputra Shani dev is the God of Justice.

Shani dev is angry at whoever he doesn’t like, and his destiny will leave him. That is why Shani dev should not get mad.

His myths and legends portray him as the God who gives us the results. Yama is the one who delivers results from all of our actions throughout our lives.

These are our acts after our deaths. These two songs from Surya (the sun) deliver. As per our karma. It is believed that Lord Shani will shower his blessings upon the world.

You can then fight the hardships of your life with strength and blessings. Lord Shani is a symbol of struggle, but those who triumph over it are called the champions. He becomes more mature, insightful, and spiritually elevated by the questions he poses.

Lord Shani believes that the slow delivery of your good and bad deeds is the best thing. Encourage hard work and discipline.

Lord Shani is also known as the “evil-eyed one” and is believed to be responsible for many of the following:

An individual’s Shani dev(Saturn) can be positioned incorrectly and cause serious problems. There are many hardships in one’s life. It is important to be kind.

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  1. Hanuman is to be worshipped

As always, Lord Hanuman is there to save the day! It is believed that those who are able to see the light of day, such as Lord Hanuman, will be saved.

Lord Hanuman is worshipped with all devotion. Lord Shani blesses them. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is said to have saved Lord Shani is safe from the Ravana’s evil.

It is believed that since then, if you wish to please Lord Shani, then you should start by dedicating your time. You can also reach Lord Hanuman.

  1. Honor the Peepal Tree, the Shani Vahan Crow

The Peepal Tree You should praise Lord Shani by worshiping the Peepal tree, the king of trees.

You can worship the Peepal tree every Saturday by pouring some. You can use mustard oil to decorate the branch of the tree or worship it before sunrise.

It is also a good idea to feed a crow every Saturday, as it is believed that the Lord will be provided. Shani charioted with a crow. The crow is not considered an auspicious bird.

India is a place to avoid bad luck. You should appease the Crow. Even though they aren’t the most intelligent of birds, they can be a good source of comfort.

They are a favorite of all and one of the smartest; you should definitely support them. Feed the Crow to be blessed with Wisdom

  1. Make Donations

Offering to help the poor is one of the best ways to honor Lord Shani for the poor and the marginalized. One way to correct this is by donating to the poor Your karmic deeds. Lord Shani blesses all who willfully Donate their time to help those in need.

  1. Get rid of all the junk

According to some, Lord Shani is said to remove all things that are not necessary. Your growth is dependent on it. Before he decides what should go, You make it a priority to eliminate clutter from your life.

Get organized Get rid of any material waste from your home
For the longest time possible, it has never been available for your use. Also, Be free from any negative thoughts or materialistic beliefs.

Keep your mind at ease.

5.Install shanti yantra

Shanti Yantra is a sacred instrument that has numbers and can be installed. At your home, you can have symmetrical and elegant designs.

This sacred design can be worshipped. To continue receiving the blessings from Shani Dev, you can light an instrument. Lighting
An earthen lamp with mustard oil is placed in front of the Shani Yatra.

They are also considered auspicious. On Saturdays, the Shani Yantra can be worshipped.

  1. Offer mustard oil and sesame oil to him

This is the best way to please Lord Shani. This is the reason.
Method: Take a copper utensil, and mix mustard oil. For 43 days, make oil from sesame seeds and offer it to Lord Shani.
Sundays are not included.

  1. Fasting & Mantra Chant

On Saturday, worship can be observed. To calm Shani Devi, you can also observe fasting. You can eat Urad dal and chant Shani tantric Mantra Om Praam Preem Praom Saha Shanayshchraey Namah.

shani chalisa

Shri Shani Chalisa


Jai Ganesh Girija Subon,
Mangal Karan Kripal |
dinan ke dukh dur kari,
kijay nath nihal ||
Jai Jai Shri Shanidev Prabhu,
Sunohu Vinay Maharaj |
korohu kripa hey ravi tanoy,
rakh hu jon ki laaz ||

jayati jayati shani dev dayal |
korot sadh bhaktan pratipala ||
chari bhuja thanu shyam birjai |
mathe ratan mukut chobi chajai ||

parom vishal manohar bhalo |
teddi drishtir bhrukuti bikrala ||
kundol srabon chamacham chamke |
hiye mal mukten moni dhamkai ||

kor mai ghadha trishul kutara |
pal bich korai aarihi somhara ||
pinhol krishna chhaya nandan |
yam konasto rudra dhuk bhamjan ||

sowry mandh shani dhasha nama |
bhanu putra prijoni sob kama ||
japor prabu prosan habhain jhahin |
rakhun robh korai shan mahin ||

parbathu thrun hoi niharoth |
tronohu ko parbot kari daroth ||
raj milath baan rahmin dhinhiyo |
koike ei hu ki mati hori linheyo ||

bonohu matro mrig kapat dhikaye |
mathu janki gai churai ||
lakhan hin sakti bikol kori dara |
machiga dhal matro hahakar ||

raowan ki ghathi mothi bowrayei |
ramchandra soyan bayer badai ||
dhio ket kori kanchan lanka |
baji bajrang bir ki danka ||

nip vikram par thuhin pagu dhara |
chitra mayur nigli gai hara ||
har nowlakka lagio chori|
hath peyar darbhayo thori ||

bhari dasha nikrushto dikhayo |
thelhin ghor kholhu cholbhayo ||
binoy rag dipak mah khinhayo |
tab prasanyo prabhu hobhoi sukh dinhayo ||

harishchandrahun nrip nari bhikani |
aaphun bhoren dom gor paani ||
thai nol paar dosha sirani |
bhunji min kudh gai paani ||

sri shankar hin gojjo job jai |
parboti ko sathi korae ||
thanik bhilokath hai kari resha |
naav udi gayo gaurisuth sisha ||

pandav paar bhai dasha thumhari |
bachi dropadi hoti uddhari ||
kourob ke dhi gathi mari mariyo |
judh mahabharat kor dario ||

robi kah mukh dhori thokaal |
lekar kudhi porio pathal ||
sesh dev lakhi vinti layi |
robi ko mukh thai dhio churai ||

bahan prabhu ke sath sujana |
jujh dhigaaj gandharbo murgh ||
jambuk singha aadhi naakh dhari |
so fal joyotish kahat pukari ||

hai thai sukh sampatti upjao jai |
gandharba hani korai bahu kaja ||
sinha sidhkar raj samaj |

jambuk budhi nashto kor darai |
mrig dhe kasot pran somrai ||
jaab aaohi prabhu sowan saowari |
choru aadhi hai dar bhari ||

thaishe chari charan ju nama |
sarno low chandhi aaru thama ||
lohu charan por job prabhu aabhaen |
daan jon sampatti nasth koraoin ||

somotha thamra rajath subhkori |
sarna sorbo sukh mangal bhari ||
jo juth shani charitra nith gabhai |
kabahu na dasha nikristho satbhai ||

adribhut naath dhikabain lila |
koiren satru kai nashi bhali dila ||
jo pandith siyogyo bulbhoye |
biddarth shani graha shanti korai ||

pipal jal shani dibas chadboth |
dip dhan dhai bohu sukh paoth ||
kahat ram sudhor prabhu dasha |
shani sumirath sukh hoth prokasha ||

|| doha ||

path shanischar dev ko ki ho bhakt thaiyar |
korat path chalis din ho bhabsagar paar ||

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