Srisailam temple: Srisailam Temple Contact Number

Srisailam Temple Contact Number: Srisailam Temple, also known as Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple, is the home of Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy & Goddess Bhramaramba Devi. It is located in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool region. The temple is situated on the Nallamala hills at the banks of River Krishna.Deities: Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy, one of 12 JyothirLingams, and Goddess Bhramarambika are one of 18 Maha ShaktiPeethas.

It is also known as Srinagam, Srigiri and Sirigiri. It is also a primary Shaivite pilgrimage site in India. Two temple complexes are located inside: one dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna, the other to Goddess Bhramarambha. The unique feature of this Hindu temple is that both JyothirLingam (Temple) and Maha ShaktiPeetas can be found at the same Kshetram.

Srisailam Temple History

Srisailam is a place of great historical significance. Srisailam, where Sri Bhramarambika Devi – Mallikarjuna Swamy resides, has been important for many eras.

This place has been a sacred spot for millions of devotees for thousands of years. The stories and books of different dynasties are the best way to tell history. One can see the history of the world through books or stories.

Srisailam Temple Contact Number
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In dynastic predominance, one would find inscriptional proof from South India’s original dynasty, the Satavahanas of Srisailam. Satakarni, the third of The Satavahana kings were also ardent devotees of Sri Mallikarjuna Swmy. They were well-known for their affectionate name Mallanna.

In ancient scriptures from the third century C.E., Srisailam is mentioned. Satakarni mentioned Srisailam in the scriptures that describe the lands under his control as Chakora Shetagiri. The Satavahanas were overthrown by the Ikshvaku Dynasty, which ruled Andhra. These rulers are no longer around to tell the story, but it is fair to say they Srisailam was considered a holy place. Sriparvatam was addressed to Srisailam by Kadamba king Mayura Sharma in the sixth Century C.E. 

One type is called Bruhaddhana The help of Kadamba’s won the overthrow of the previous rulers, allowing the Pallava dynasty to conquer the land and take control. They unified Sriparvatam and the land they had won.

The ruler Pulakeshi, known as the king of all hindu temples in the Badami Chalukya dynasty, constructed many hindu temples during the dynasty. He was the first Kshatriya to perform Shiva Deeksha.

According to the history of Srisailam Temple, mention of Srisailam Hills can be traced back to the Nasik Inscription of Satavahana King Vasisthiputra Pulumavi during the 1st A.D. Srisailam was ruled by the Ikshavakus Kingdom between AD200 and 300. Inscriptions dated around AD 375-612 indicate that Vishnukundis were devotees of Sri Parvathsawamy. According to the Shiva Purana, when Lord Ganesha got married before Lord Karthikeyan, Lord Karthikeyan got angry and left for Kraunch Mountain.

Although Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati attempted to console him, they could not stop him from fleeing. Dejected Lord Shiva assumed the form Jyotirlinga to settle on The mountaintop.

Another legend is associated with Srisailam Temple. Chandravathi, Chandragupta’s daughter, ran from her father, who made strict rules toward her. She crossed the River Krishna to reach the hilltop, where she lived with her servants. One of her cows would watch over her. Rock formation, and she shed milk daily over it. The Princess envisioned that the rock was a Linga of Lord Shiva, which she had self-managed.

So she dug the ground, and a glowing Linga appeared from it. She worshiped the Linga daily by decorating it with Jasmine flowers (Mallika). Lord Shiva was pleased, and he sent her to Kailash with Mukti.

Archeitecture of Mallikarjuna Temple

This hindu temple has a sprawling area of 2 hectares and large raja gopuram, or gateway towers. It is one of the most striking aspects. You will be amazed by the incredible sculptures and images as you enter Inside. There are many deities, including the magnificent Mallikarjuna Shiva Linga.

There are also other shrines. The temple’s main feature is its large complex, which contains many halls. The most important is the Mukha Mandapa. It was constructed during the Vijayanagar period. The temple structure’s oldest part is the shrine to the Lord, which dates back to the 7th Century. The Sahara linga (or 1000 linga) is also included. It is an impressive and breathtaking sight. You will be amazed at the incredible images of Lord Natraja when you enter the mirror hall.

The temple’s majestic pillars will be the first thing you notice when you enter. They are huge and filled with beautiful patterns and sculptures. Their beauty and craftsmanship make the temple seem alive. For those who love to understand, they are worth the effort.

The sanctum Santorium is tiny and can only accommodate a handful of priests. You can see the small lings covered by a golden hood. This entire area is transformed during Mahashiratri, when many devotees come to experience the Lord’s spiritual bliss. 

They continue to pray to the songs and rejoice in the deity’s beauty and power. This hindu temple is a mix of styles and structural contributions from different royal dynasties. This hindu temple is a delight for lovers of art and architecture.

Skilled craftsmanship is behind the work in the temples. The true talents of builders from a bygone era. You can admire some of the most beautiful images and sculpting pieces as you stroll through the hall.

Beautiful intricate craftsmanship, which is not so often practiced. This tranquility and serenity are yours to enjoy. This majestic hindu temple is known for its stunning images, incredible beauty, and significant structural area. Here you can enjoy some of the most beautiful Architecture and sculptures in Dravidian style.

What is the significance of Srisailam Temple?

Srisailam hindu Temple’s significance is that Mallikarjuna Linga is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas for Lord Shiva. It is believed to have appeared in a fiery column Of light. The Linga is also swayambhu. The neck of Sati to have fallen here. 

Abhishekam can be performed by anyone, regardless of caste, creed, or religion. You can touch the Linga, which is a unique feature. Perform the Puja by yourself. Believers also believe that Lord Rama installed the Sahasralinga at the Srisailam Temple. The Linga can be divided into 25 facets, then represented by 40 Lingas each. A total of 1000 Lingas can be carved on one Linga.

The Pancha Pandava Lingas were placed in the temple courtyard by the Pandavas. Named after different forms of Siva, Sadyojatha, Vamadeva and the five Lingas, they are called Panchapandava Lingas. Aghora, Tatpurush and Eesana. The temple walls also feature stories from the Mahabharata. 

Srisailam Temple Facts

1.Important attractions around the hindu temple Sikharam and Sakshi Ganesh Temple, as well as Panchamathams and the temple of Istakmeswari.

2.The deity was worshiped in jasmine, and the linga was named Mallikaarjuna because the local name for jasmine was Mallika.

3.The Pandavas installed five Shiva Lingams in this spot.

4.Lord Shiva is also worshipped in this hindu temple as Vruddha Malikarjuna Swami, an older man.

5.Many loved this temple, including the Ikshavakus and the Vishnukundis, Pallavas.

6.It is situated on the Nallamalai hills, so you can view the surrounding area well.

7.The Pulumavis Nasik inscription to temple walls from the 1st century AD Pulumavis Nasik Inscription.

8.8.Lord Rama commissioned the Saharara Linga

How to reach Srisailam Temple?

Here are the steps to get to Srisailam Temple

Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is the closest air terminal. It is located 202km from Srisailam.

Train: Markapur is the nearest railway station, 80 km from Nandyal. Kurnool and Kurnool are next to it.

Road: Srisailam hindu Temple can be found just 1 km from the Srisailam Bus Stand.

What are some places to visit nearby?

These are just a few of the many places you can visit around Srisailam Temple:

Sakshi Ganapathi is about 3km from Srisailam. Ganapathi is believed to be the guardian of pilgrims who visit Srisailam

Holy town. God also holds a book in his left hand and a pen to write down the names.

Hatakeswaram has located 5km from Srisailam. Legend has it that God Siva appeared in Atika (Piece of Pot) to assist a potter. This place is famous because of Atikeswaram, later known as Hatakeswaram.

Sikhareswaram is 8km away from Srisailam. It is 2830 feet above sea level, making it Srisailam’s highest peak. The hindu temple is also an ancient structure of the stone. According to Skanda Puranam, glancing at its peak will alleviate the curses associated with rebirth.

Phaladhara Panchadhara is 4 km from Srisailam. Sri Adi Sankara, who performed penance here and composed the famous Sivanandalahari, also visited this location.

Akkamahadevi Caves are located 10km from Srisailam. According to some beliefs, Akkamahadevi was a 12th-century lyricist and philosopher who spent many years in these caves in Century A.D., performing penance and worshiping Sivalinga. The cave’s deepest parts were home to the Linga, a natural occurrence. These caves also house Siddhas Alchemy was practiced by many.

What are the festivals celebrated at Srisailam Temple?

These are some of the festivals that Srisailam Temple celebrates:

Mahashivaratri Bhrahmothsavams: The Mahashivaratri Utsav is in February or March. The Mahashivaratri Day (29th Magham day) marks the beginning of A seven-day festival. Ankurarpana and Dhwajarohana are the most critical events To God.

Ugadi is a celebration that lasts five days, during which thousands of people visit the hindu temple to receive God’s blessings. This festival takes place 3 days before Ugadi (Telugu Year of the Snake), which is celebrated in late March or early April. Vahana Seva to God or Goddess and Alankaras for Goddess is the most important events.Veerachara Vinyasalu, Rath Yatra.

Kartheekai Mahothsavam is: This month is considered one of the most promising on the Indian calendar. The Srisailam temple premises is home to a small number of devotees who worship Deepams. On the full moon day, they also perform Jvalathoranam (bonfire) in the temple.

Sravanamahothsavam is a festival in the Shravan months (August/September). The Akhanda Sivanama Skeerthana (Bhajans) also takes place around this time. You can keep an eye on the clock throughout the month.

Srisailam Temple Contact Number|Srisailam Temple Address

The Srisailam Temple contact number is as follows:
RECEPTION OFFICE +91(0)-8524-288888,+91(0)-8524-288889
EXECUTIVE OFFICER +91(0)-8524-288881(O),+91(0)-8524-288882(R)
TEMPLE OFFICE +91(0) 8524-288887
P.R.O’S OFFICE +91(0) 8524-288886
NANDHINIKETAN +91(0) 8524-287134

Srisailam Temple Address

The Executive Officer
Sri Brahmaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy Varla Devasthanam,
Srisailam – 518101
Kurnool District,
Andhra Pradesh, India

Srisailam temple timings online ticket booking

Online ticket booking for Srisailam temple times

Darshan TypeTimeTicket PricePer Head
Suprabhatha Darshan5:00 amRs 300Couple or Single
Maha Mangala Harathi
(morning) 5:50 am
Quick Darshanam6:30 AM – 1:00 PM
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Rs.100Couple or Single
Special Queue Line Darshan6:30 AM – 1:00 PM
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
General Darshan queue line for Free Darshan6:00 AM – 3:30 PM
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Srisailam Temple Contact Number

Mahamangala Aarathi (Evening)5:00 PM200Single
Srisailam Temple Contact Number

Tickets are available at the counter for Darshan on the same day.

Srisailam temple timings

Daily Darshan Timings –

Daily Darshan4:30 am 10:00 pm
Morning Darshan6:00 am to 3:30 pm
Evening Darshan6:00 pm 10:00 pm
Srisailam Temple Contact Number

Daily Ritual And Aarti timings

Suprabhatha Darshan5:00 am
Mahamangala Aarti (Morning)5:30 AM
Mahamangala Aarti (Evening)5:00 PM
Srisailam Temple Contact Number

Darshan And Pooja Time

Darshan And PoojaTime
Mangalavadyams4.30 am- 5.00 am
Suprabhatam5.00 am – 5.15 am
Maha Mangala Harathi, Gopuja, and Pratahkalapuja5.15 am- 6.30 am
Darshanam Abhishekam, Archana’s and Abhishekam by devotees6.30 am – 1.00 pm
Alankara Darshanam1.00 pm- 3.30 pm
Mangalavadyams4.30 pm- 4.50 pm
Pradoshakalapuja4.50 pm- 5.20 pm
Susandhyam & Maha Mangala Harathi5.20 pm- 6.00 pm
Rajopachara puja (Parakulu) to Bhramaramba Devi5.50 pm- 6.20 pm
Darshanam Abhishekam, Archanas6.20 pm – 9.00 pm
Dharma Darshanam9.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Ekantha Seva9.30pm – 10.00pm
Closure at the temple10.00 pm
Srisailam Temple Contact Number

Srisailam Temple Accommodation Booking Online

You can book accommodation at Srisailam online.

The counter at Ganga Sadan’s Central reception will have the rooms. Ganga Sadan can be reached by foot from the bus stop. At the time of check-in at CRO, the Caution Deposit of the one-day rental must be paid in advance.

The Room will be allocated for 24 hours. The Room will be available from 8 am to 8 am the next day. Anything after 8 am, will be considered for the room extension. The Devasthanam account will credit the caution deposit.

Just a single individual will be permitted to utilize the Room.

Cancellation and transfer of accommodation are not possible.

Srisailam Temple Accommodation Reservation, Rental, and Room Allotment Timings

Cottage Nametotal RoomsRoom TypePer day RentAdvance Amount
SivaSadanam96Rs 100Rs 100
SivaSadanam73A3 BedsRs.150Rs.150
Ganga Gowri Sadanam58Non-Ac RoomsRs.400Rs.400
Ganga Gowri Sadanam52Ac RoomsRs.650Rs.650
Ganga Gowri Sadanam5 Number 20 BedsDormitory RoomsRs.2000Rs.2000
Ganga Sadanam116Ac SuiteRs.1000Rs.1000
Pathaleswar Sadanam242 Bed Ac RoomsRs.1000Rs.1000
Chandeeswara Sadanam172 Bed Non-Ac roomsRs.250Rs.250
Chandeeswara Sadanam82 Bed Ac roomsRs.400Rs.400
Chandeeswara Sadanam24 Bed Ac roomsRs.600Rs.600
TTD Ground72 BedRs.300Rs.300
TTD First FloorEach 2 bedsRs.100Rs.100
Cottages 784 Bed Non-AcRs.400Rs.400
PG Road Cottages92 Bedrooms Non-AcRs.600Rs.600
PG Road cottages52 Bedrooms AcRs.1200Rs.1200
Sahithi Cottages3 Bedrooms AcRs.3000Rs.3000
Swarna Sailam Cottages2 Bedrooms AcRs.2000Rs.2000
USA (Dinesh Villa)2 Bedrooms AcRs.2000Rs.2000
Rebala Cottages2 Bedrooms AcRs.3000Rs.3000
Kamineni Cottages3 Bedrooms AcRs.2000Rs.2000
Aditya Cottages2 Bedrooms AcRs.3000Rs.3000
Penna Cottages2 Bedrooms AcRs.3000Rs.3000
Erasu Nilayam3 Bedrooms AcRs.3000Rs.3000
JC cottages2 Bedrooms AcRs.3000Rs.3000
Satyam Guesthouse4 Ac SuitesRs.4000Rs.4000
Cottage 1164 Bedrooms Non-AcRs.800Rs.800
Cottage 1144 Bedrooms AcRs.1000Rs.1000
Cottage 117Non-Ac BedroomsRs.1200Rs.1200
Near S.S.Kendram CottagesRs.600Rs.600
Pilgrim Sheds / Tourist Bus standRs.500Rs.500
Pilgrim Sheds near Siva Deeksha SibiramRs.500Rs.500
Mallikarjuna SadanamRs.1000Rs.1000
Mallikarjuna Sadanam SuitesRs.1500Rs.1500
Srisailam Temple Contact Number


Cottages for Srisailam Temple Accommodation

  1. Nearby bus stations are community-based cottages.
  2. On arrival, rooms are assigned. Online booking is not possible.
  3. You can also find mutts here.

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