Top Best 4 Hindu Temples That Has unique Surprises

Hindu temple

Introduction– India Known for its rich heart people and rich heritage, India’s many reserves offer explorers a place of healing with Great thinking. It gives you the opportunity to touch the depths of your soul. In this article, we take a top to bottom gander at four of India’s most venerated Hindu temples, each offering … Read more

1000 Names Of Lord Venkateswara Benefits

1000 names of Lord Venkateswara

Venkateswara” literally means “Lord of Venkata.” This word comes from a mix of two words: Venkata (the term used to describe the hills located in Andhra Pradesh) and Isvara means (“Lord”). The list of 1000 names of Lord Venkateswara is Venkateswara Sahasranam (wherein “Sahasra” is a reference to a thousand words and ‘nam’ is a name).

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