Best 10 Lines On Meenakshi Temple | Sundareswarar Marriage Story

10 lines on meenakshi temple firstly,Goddess Meenakshi was an incarnation of the Goddess Parvati, and she was Thank for a blessing she gave her devotee, Vidyavati. In the penance of Vidyavati, We were delighted that Parvati agreed to have her daughter.

Vidyavati’s new identity. So, Meenakshi was born to be the princess of the Madurai King. Malayadhwajan and queen Kanchanamala, who was Vidyavati revived.

Meenakshi Goddess

10 lines on Meenakshi temple. The royal couple got Goddess Meenakshi when they couldn’t have children for a long time. Finally, they conducted a unique solution; they performed a special pooja. As a result, Goddess Meenakshi.

She was born from the holy flames as a three-year-old girl. Following Malayadhwajan’s passing, Meenakshi was queen, and she began to undertake military operations to expand her father’s kingdom.

In one of her trips on Mount Kalinga, she came close to The prophecy was that Meenakshi would appear in a flash to recognize her potential husband and be able to recognize her future husband, precisely what she wants to do.

It was when she gazed at Shiva. In just eight days, Shiva came From Madurai to Madurai as Lord Sundareswar and Lord Sundareswar, where they were to in Matrimony.

10 lines on meenakshi temple
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An enormous crowd of gods marked this unique wedding. And goddesses and goddesses, along with goddesses in attendance, as was Lord Vishnu and goddesses, as well as Lord Vishnu.

10 lines on meenakshi temple and Lord Sundareswarar

Each year, a grand event at Meenakshi Temple in Madurai is celebrating the holy union of Goddess Meenakshi Amma And Lord Sundareswarar.

Devi Meenakshi, the fish-eyed Goddess, is seated with a parrot as well as a Bouquet that radiates affection and love. The exquisite elegance of The Divine Mother and her endless mercy goes beyond words.

Meenakshi’s idol has her diamond nose ring. Sparkles in the light of the oil lamp, and her eyes sparkle in the light of the oil. She always wears sparkling clothes.

Silk looks beautiful and is a gorgeous color. Contrary to the practice observed in the temples of Tamil Nadu, Goddess Meenakshi (meaning fish-eyed) is the first God.

In other temples, the male God’s First worship is too. This is where Arti/Deeparadhana is performed to Meenakshi first.

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Meenakshi temple Goddess why she has a parrot?

The Goddess holds a bird in her palm. It is the graceful shape of the Goddess of Devi, Meenakshi as well as Kamakshi and Lalita Tripurasundari.These goddesses have various versions of Parvati.

In this version, she is the love goddess or an enchantress. Who entices Shiva and transforms the hermit God into a householder, thereby ensuring God’s participation in our world.

King Kulasekara constructed the Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple. Pandya (1190-1216 CE).
He constructed the central parts of the three-story gopura located at the entry point of Sundareswarar Shrine. The major apart from Goddess Meenakshi Shrine are some of the oldest temple’s remains still visible.

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Meenakshi temple history

Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple (often also known as Meenakshi Amman Temple) is located in the middle of Madurai City, covering an area of 17 acres and the entire city.
It is around it.
Lord Shiva as Sundareswara is Lord Shiva as the Lord of Beauty. The other sanctuary to Meenakshi, who is the spouse of Shiva. Meenakshi She is holding the pet parrot and a flower in her hands.
The original Kulasekara temple, which Pandyan built initially, was demolished. The temple was rebuilt at the beginning of the 17th century by Tirumala Nayak. The temple is in the middle of Aadi, Chittiraj, and The Massi streets.

The story of Meenakshi Temple dates back to the 1st century.
C.E with scholars asserting it to be older than that city.

Kulasekara Pandyan was the king of the Pandyan Dynasty, who built the temple according to the directions given. He was rescued in his dream by Lord Shiva, and some of the sacred texts have by Lord Shiva.

Between the 1st and 4th centuries, C.E discussed the temple and explained the temple As the main urban structure. Texts that date back to The 6th century in the early years described the temple as where scholars could gather.

They met to discuss critical issues. The temple is in its current form now. However, it was rebuilt in the 16th century when it was devastated by Muslim invaders.

In the fourteenth-century C.E, Malik Kafur, the commander of the Delhi Sultanate, led his troops into the majority of south India, and The thieves robbed many temples, including the famous Meenakshi Temple.

Gold, for instance, silver, precious gems, and gold, were used to purchase To Delhi. As temples were full of treasures at the time, Most temples were destroyed and left in ruin.

The Vijayanagar Empire was able to take over Madurai after the defeat of In the Muslim Sultanate; the temple was rebuilt and reopened.

The temple was expanded further in the 16th century until the 17th century in the early part of Vishwanatha Nayakar, King of the Nayaka Dynasty.
According to the research, while building the temple, the rulers of the Nayaka dynasty influenced by the style of architecture followed “Silpa Shastras.”‘ Silpa’ Shastras’ is an architectural law set.

There were numerous “Mandapams ” in his time”(pillared halls) were constructed. Various Later Nayaka rulers later expanded the temple before the emergence of British East India.

It was by British rule. In 1959, The temple collaborated with engineers and historians in 1995.

The Story of Meenakshi Sundareshwarar’s wedding

The center that is Madurai is the legendary Meenakshi. Amman Temple celebrates Princess Meenakshi’s love story and Lord Sundareshwarar.
Mata is the fish-eyed Goddess’s name and part of Goddess Parvati. Sundareshwara, the beautiful Lord, is one of the aspects of the God Shiva.

It is difficult to determine, and the history goes back to a specific date. Still, Madurai was the center of the worship of Meenakshi-Sundareswarar, at least from the early years Of the 1st millennium.

Meenakshi’s story begins with Pandyan King Malayadhwaja and queen Kanchanmala, a Yagya, asking the gods to bless her with an infant son.

Then a girl emerged from the Yagya’s fire. The Princess was
It is to be the representation of the Goddess Parvati. However, it was not.

Three breasts are the norm for women. The gods told that a couple of royal blood to bear Their daughter is the queen’s heir and the Astrologers.

That the 3rd breast would disappear once Meenakshi was her husband. After her father passed away, the young Meenakshi was crowned queen and started a
The conquests of her expedition brought Her to North Africa. She was the leader of her army.

And, after capturing many kingdoms, when the warring queen was at her peak, Swarga, within the Himalayas, was at war with gods.

When they lost the battle, the gods asked Shiva to help them save them, and also them. Shiva was on the battlefield, Shiva Meenakshi’s third. Her breasts disappeared, and she knew she’d finally discovered her husband.

Meenakshi asked Shiva to be her wedding ring, and Shiva graciously agreed. Shiva instructed her to return to Madurai and sit and wait for Shiva to come back. She waited for him, and he showed up.

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In the dazzling form of Sundareswarar eight days later, the handsome Lord was married to the gorgeous Meenakshi in a spectacular ceremony.

Ceremony referred to as Thirukalyanam. Lord Vishnu appeared on the back of a Golden horse to give the bride to give her away. The wedding couple later was able to have an evening celebration.

Son was name Subramanya, who was also know as Kartikeya. Later Subramanya will Also, he also celebrate his wedding in Madurai.

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