Saraswati Devi Vahanam | Goddess Saraswati

Saraswati Devi story

Saraswati devi is significant in Indian mythology since it’s believed that the world would be a dead-end without her. It would not exist in the organized manner it is today. After establishing the Universe, Brahma looked over the things around him.

The idea, and then Brahma realized an unfinished and deficient idea. Brahma chose to develop knowledge to help accomplish the daunting job of creating shape.

In his mouth came the Saraswati – the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Saraswati was born from Brahma and began to provide him with directions on making an order. In the Universe, the moon, the sun, and stars were all created.

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The masculine form of God (Deva) is associate with strength; the male God (Deva) can live with power.
Furthermore, most ladylike structures (Devi) have been view as good attributes and influence, like shrewdness, abundance, mending food, etc.

In the midst of them, a particular Lady (Devi) has made herself known as a significant figure in the things she is (knowledge and wisdom). The way she and the way she appears is the goddess Saraswati.

The swan, her mount, is a symbol of pure knowledge and her herald. The peacock is an icon of the arts.

She is a member of the Trinity (Tridevi) of Saraswati, Lakshmi,
and Parvati. Each of these forms aids the trio comprised of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva to build, maintain and replenish the Universe, respectively.

When God Brahma was creating Goddess Saraswati, but he was in danger. With her grace and beauty and he was inspire to develop Hers. (The goddess that has many forms to as Shatarupa) The romantic ideas of Brahma restricted consciousness and enthralled and enthralled the and stimulated the. It disturbed the tranquillity of the Universe and also roused Shiva, who was the most revered ascetic, to arouse him and shake him out of his meditation.

Lord Shiva began to open his eyes, and he felt Goddess Saraswati’s discomfort. And transformed into Bhairava and became the Lord of Terror in an outrage.

The eyes of the man were red, and his growl was menacing. He charged toward Brahma and, using his sharp claws, pulled off the fifth head of Brahma. The violence dampened Brahma’s passion.

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Brahma’s head cut off by the cut sawed through Bhairava’s skin and held onto his Hand, draining his body of his strength, making him insane.

The god of terror ranted and rumbled, losing all control of his senses. Saraswati was please by Bhairava’s quick action, ran to help him.

She cared for him like the child she was with her gentle touch.
He is now able to regain his mortality. Brahmans are shattered by being confronted by The Lord of Terror, who sought to escape their desires’ maze.

Saraswati gave him the method of his liberation. Brahma wanted to lead a Yagna, a burning sacrifice, to purify his soul And start over.
For a Yagna to be conducted and with the assistance of a spouse is required. Brahma decided to choose Saraswati as his wife, and they agreed.

2022 Saraswati puja date/Basant Panchami 2022 date-

Saturday, February 05

2022 Saraswati puja Time-

February 05
Morning-3:47 am To afternoon- 12:40 pm

Significance of Basant Panchami

Basant means ‘Spring,’ while ‘Panchami’ denotes the ‘fifth’ day.
It is on the 5th day of Spring. This festival ends the winter waves and welcomes in Spring. The vibrancy of Spring.

On the day of Basant Panchami, Devotees offer prayers and seek divine guidance to Goddess Saraswati. Blessedness to be enlighten with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
Basant Panchami refers to the moment when people give their first charitable gift.

They pass on their knowledge to their children. This custom is call Vidyarambam, and Aksharabhyasam also knows it.

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Basant Panchami additionally denotes the start of Spring.
In India, the mustard flowers flower, and it is the color.

Yellow, which is associate with the festival, and whole fields
When in full bloom, the mustard flowers look like beds of yellow flowers.

Yellow-colored people wear Yellow-coloured clothes. They also consume food of the same color. It has a yellow color (like khichdi). The idols of Goddess Saraswati to be one of the most beautiful women globally, covered in yellow sarees. which is her Favourite colors

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