Wembley Temple: Hindu Temple In Wembley-Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir

Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir, or Wembley temple: is the name given to two different Hindu temples in London. They are situated within Whipps Cross in Waltham Forest, close to Leytonstone, and the other is located at Ealing Road, in Wembley.

The Charity Shri Vallabh Nidhi administers both temples from Leytonstone in the United Kingdom.

The Hindu temple in Wembley follows the guiding principles of the Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan is the actual name for Hinduism. It took 14 years to finish the building of both temples. The ceremony for the inauguration took place on the 31st of May, 2010.

the Hindu temple in Wembley-history and Architecture

Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir or Wembley temple close to Leytonstone was known in the form of the Shri Nathji Mandir. The Hindu temple in Wembley began in June of 1980.

The primary gods of this temple are Shrinathji, Shri Ram, Hanuman Ji, Shrinathji, Hanuman Shiva Parivaar, and Amba Mataji. The Wembley temple is the larger one and was completed in 14 years.

The adherents of Sanatan Dharma sought to spread the religion to all people living in the London region. They noticed that more devotees were increasing Continuously. They needed a space to pray and talk about the history and culture that is the religious tradition. To encourage this belief of the faithful, charity was constructed in These two temples.

Hindu Temple In Wembley
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Enthusiastic people contributed to the construction of the temple. In 2010, the temple was accessible to the public. The main gods of this temple are Shri Radha Krishna, Shri Tirupati Balaji, Shri Ganesha, Hanumanji, Shri Amba Mataji, Shri Sahajanand Swami, and Shri Shrinathji.

Wembley temple was built by following the scriptures of the holy Hindu manuscripts. The Hindu temple in Wembley has no support made of steel or Iron, as it was written in manuscripts. It was made entirely of limestone that was imported from India.

Hands smashed up a large portion of the temple component during the township Of Sola of Gujarat (India) before they were shipped from India to Britain to be accumulated. Forty-one marble figurines were produced in India only to be used in the temple.

The interior of The Wembley temple is adorned with intricate designs on the walls and the columns. The carvings are also decorated with depictions of various Hindu gods and goddesses.

Hindu temple in Wembley: Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir Daily Darshan timings

The Wembley Temple has a variety of opening hours for visitors. From 7.00 am to 8.00 pm.

It starts from 7.00 am to 8.30 am, 10.00 am to 11.00 am, and 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

One of the most important shrines in Sanatan Dharma is the Hindu temple in Wembley, London. People who adhere to this religion come from around the globe to visit the temple.

Special rituals performed at Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir-Hindu temple in Wembley.

Many kinds of Aartis are performed in temples beginning at Mangala Aarti. The idols dressed in their night attires are awakened by The priests and are seated before the Aarti. It starts at 7.10 am by the priests before the Aarti.

The other one is Rajbhog Aarti, which starts at noon. In this Aarti, devotees receive a blessing. Diverse kinds of Prasadam. On weekends and other celebrations, the Aarti is played at 1.00 pm. The temple is closed following the Rajbhog Aarti.

The evening Aarti The celebration begins at 5.00 5 pm. The Shayan aarti starts at 8.00 pm, marking the conclusion of the day.

Hindu temple in Wembley-Festival celebration at Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir

Holi is believed as the celebration of colour to the Hindus. Holi can be celebrated with extreme enthusiasm within this holy temple. The devotees participate in the festival of colours.

Alongside the Hindu tourists from all over the world enjoy the festival quite a bit. Holi is the celebration dedicated by Radha in the form of Krishna. Sanatan’s followers celebrate Holi. Dharma Do not view it as just a celebration. The festival of Holi can be considered a fundamental part of faith.

Diwali, The festival of lights, is also celebrated at the Wembley temple. The festival is celebrated over four days. The people can participate in all rituals With great dedication. They strive to preserve their culture by adhering to ceremonies properly.

The festivals of light and colours are celebrated at the temple with great dedication. The temple has a beautiful appearance throughout both celebrations.

How to Reach Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir: Temple Address And contact number

There are two airports in London. London Heathrow Airport and London City Airport are within walking distance of the temple. Taxi services are available at both airports to get to the temple.

Address: Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir, Wembley, London, United Kingdom

Contact Number-

Sanatan Hindu Mandir Leytonstone

+44 208 989 7539

Sanatan Hindu Mandir Wembley

+44 208 903 7737

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