Makar Sankranti Information In English History, Significance And 2022 Date

History of Makar sankranti

Makar sankranti information in english -‘Makara’ means ‘Capricorn.’ The Sun’s movement intoMakara Raashi,‘ or the “zodiac of Capricorn is know as Makar Sankranti. This festival marks the conclusion of the cold, long winter months and the beginning of spring.

In the past, it was the time of the Sun’s shift that caused longer days.
This is an opportunity to celebrate seasons, from an icy to a more pleasant climate.
An indication of hope and optimism.

This festival is held in honor of Surya (the Sun God) to honor his power and grace that has helped create the existence of life and food on earth.

Makar sankranti information in english
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Because it is a harvest festival, it’s the time for happiness, abundance, and celebrations in farmers’ communities.

It is the time that they enjoy the rewards of their labor.
It’s also a time to be peaceful, as families lay the hatchet down and gather.

Sankranti is believe to be a deity. According to legend, Sankranti killed a devil called Sankarasur. The day that follows Makar Sankrant is Karidin, also known as Kinkrant. On the day of this celebration, Devi slew the devil Kinkarasur.

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The information about Makar Sankranti can be found in Panchang. Panchang is the Hindu Almanac. Panchang Almanac is also know as an edition of the Hindu Almanac that provides information about the age, shape, clothes, direction, and movements of Sankranti.

The Hindu Calendar, “The time between Makar Sankranti and 40 Ghatis.”
(roughly 16 hours (approximately 16 hours for Indian areas if we define 1 Ghati duration to be 24 minutes) in the year, Makar Sankranti is believe to be good to work with good intentions.

The forty hours is call Punya Kaal. Sankranti rituals include taking bathing, offering Naivedhya (food given to gods) for Lord Surya, giving charity or Dakshina offering charity or Dakshina, performing Shraddha rituals, breaking the fast, or Parana it is recommend to do this in the course of Punya Kaal.

If Makar Sankranti is observed after sunset, the entire Punya Kaal events are delayed until the next Sunrise. Therefore, All Punya Kaal-related activities must be carried out during the morning hours.”

Makar sankranti significance

What is significant about the Makar Sankranti Festival is that it is the day on which there is an important , motion in the zodiac motion in the zodiac.

The Vedas, Sankranti deciphers the movement of the Sun from one”rashi” (constellation that is part of the zodiac) to the next.

The layout of the earth’s dial around the Sun. Hence, there are twelve Sankranti during the year. And this motion brings there is a shift in how we interact with our planet. Many Sankranti are report throughout the year.

The two most significant ones are Makar Sankranti, and just opposite, following the summer solstice, is Karka Sankranti. A variety of Sankrantis occurs every time the zodiac sign shifts between the two.

The sign is refer to as Sankranti to suggest that the zodiac sign changes. Sankranti to indicate, The global movement and to realize that our existence is fed and sustained by this planet’s motion.

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If this cycle stops, everything around us will end. On 22 December, when the solstice took place, This means that, in relationship to the Sun, the tilt or movement of the planet is at its highest.

In the present, from today to the present, The northern movement is mighty in the north of action.

The north movement is beginning to change the earth. From Makar Sankranti to now, the cold winter months gradually eased.

The celebration of Makar Sankranti signifies ,The harvest season begins at the beginning of the season when the new crop is revere and share with joy.

The harvest festival marks the beginning of the season change; starting on this day, the Sun begins its move away from Dakshinayana (South) from Uttarayana (North) in the Northern hemisphere.

Therefore, the festival is dedicate to the God of the Sun.

Date 2022 -Makar sankranti information in english

Makar Sankranti14 January 2022Friday
Kumbha Sankranti13 February 2022Sunday
Meena Sankranti15 March 2022Tuesday
Mesha Sankranti14 April 2022Thursday
Vrishabha Sankranti15 May 2022Sunday
Mithuna Sankranti15 June 2022Wednesday
Karka Sankranti16 July 2022Saturday
Simha Sankranti17 August 2022Wednesday
Kanya Sankranti17 September 2022Saturday
Tula Sankranti17 October 2022Monday
Vrischika Sankranti16 November 2022Wednesday
Dhanu Sankranti16 December 2022Friday
Makar sankranti information in english

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