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Ekadashi Story

Power of ekadashi ,At the beginning stage of material creation, God, the preeminent Lord, made living and immobile elements inside. This world is made up of five material elements.

At the same time, he invented a character that symbolized sin (Papapurusha). The various limbs that made up the persona were fashion from the many sinful actions. Papapurusha’s head was made from the crime of killing the brahmana.

two eyes The form was the alcohol-related sin of drinking. His mouth was the product of the sin of taking gold, and his ears symbolized the sin of drinking intoxicants.

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A form of sin is having an illicit relationship with the wife of the spiritual master, His nose from the crime of murdering one’s His wife’s arms, take the model of the sin of slaughtering the cow, and his neck fashioned from the evil of taking accumulated wealth,

Power of ekadashi
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his chest is flush with the abortion sin and his lower chest of sexual immorality of sexual relations with another woman , as well as his stomach of the crime of killing relatives, his navel is a symbol of the guilt of murdering those who depend on him, his waistline of self-appraisal, his thighs of the sin of offending his Guru,

his genitals of the sin of selling one’s daughter his buttocks are a victim of the sin of disclosing private information his feet of the sin of selling his daughter, his feet of The sin of killing one’s father and hair results from less and less sinful actions.

This is how, A horrible character who embodies sinful behaviors and vices was invent. Its color is black. His eyes are also, and his eyes are. He inflicts severe pain on those who commit sin.”

“The Godhead’s Supreme Personality Godhead Lord Vishnu, after seeing this sinful persona was compell to consider His-self according to this statement: “I am the source of sufferings and joys for living beings.

I must be their master since They have created this persona of sin that causes grief to be honest, deceitful, and sinful people.

Then I have to create someone to control this personality.’ This was when Sri Bhagavan made The character Yamaraj and the other terrifying planetary systems.

The living entities, those who are highly sinful, are sent after death to Yamaraj who, be sent back, by their transgressions, Send them to a gruesome area to be tortured.

Later, these progressions were made. The Supreme Lord, who is the wellspring of happiness and persevering, had the option to give them both. To the living beings and went to the home of Yamaraj to visit the living entities, and with the assistance of Garuda, the king of birds.

Ekadashi Meaning

When Yamaraj was aware, the Lord Vishnu was on His way and washed His feet and then made an offering to Him. He then made Him sit on a gold throne, and his Supreme Lord Vishnu was seat on the throne. And then he heard high-pitched crying sounds emanating from the south.

He was shock by this and inquired Yamaraj about the matter. Yamaraj Where this uproarious cry is coming What is the wellspring of this commotion?

“Yamaraj replied, “Oh Deva, All life forms of earth’s planet systems share. They have been throw into the abyssal areas, and they’re in a terrible state for their blunders.
The harrowing crying results from the afflictions of their past bad Karma (actions).’

“After hearing this, the supreme Lord of the universe, Vishnu, went to the hellish region that lies to the south.

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The moment the residents noticed who was there, they began to cry more loudly. It is the heartbeat of our Lord Supreme , Vishnu was overwhelm with compassion. Lord Vishnu was thinking to Himself, “I created all these progenies.”

It is due to Me that they’re suffering.”After the pious Supreme Lord considered what He was previously thinking about, He suddenly appeared in his own body the God that is the moon’s day Ekadashi.

After that, the living beings who were sinful start to adhere to the vows of Ekadashi and then rapidly elevated to the residence of Vaikuntha.

Therefore, the day of the lunar calendar is Ekadashi is the same form as Godhead, Vishnu, and the Supersoul in the heart of living beings. Sri Ekadashi is the holiest ceremony located as the center of all vows.

Following ascending of Sri Ekadashi this personality who represents the sinful act, the activity gradually notices the influence he felt his power. He went to Lord Vishnu, questioned his mind, and offered numerous prayers.

And Lord Vishnu was please and said, ‘I have been delighte by your beautiful offerings. What boon do you’d like to have?

“The Papapurusha said, “I am your conceived progeny, and it was by me that you seek the pain to be give to the highly sinful living creatures. However, due to an influence from Sri Ekadashi, I have been almost totally destroy.

Oh, Prabhu!

After my death, all your parts and parcels that have accepted bodies of material will transform into The soul is liberate and can return to the realm of Vaikuntha. If the release of all living beings occurs, Then who will carry on?

Then who will carry on your, then who will take on Your Then, there will be nobody else to perform the activities in the planets of the earth!

Oh, Keshava! If You wish for these endless leisure activities to go on, Then please help me escape the dread of Ekadashi.

A pious act of any kind can make me bound. However, Ekadashi is the only thing, as Your own manifestation can hinder me.

In fear in the face of Sri Ekadashi, Papapurusha have run away and sought the shelter of animals, men, insects, trees, hills, moving and Non-moving living entities are rivers, oceans, forests, earthly, heavenly, hellish planet systems, and demigods.
And Gandharvas.

After this, Lord Vishnu, as he sat and observed the situation of the Papapurusha, laughing, began to say , ‘Oh, Papapurusha! Rise up! Don’t be depress anymore. Listen, and I’ll show you how you can go on.

The lunar day that is consider to be auspicious, Ekadashi. On the day of Ekadashi, which is know as the patron saint of all three worlds, You can get shelter from foodstuffs in the form of grains.

There’s no excuse to be worrying with regards to this any longer since, My appearance as Sri Ekadashi Devi isn’t upset you any longer.’

After giving the Papapurusha, The Supreme Lord Vishnu disappeared, and Papapurusha was transfer to perform his duties.

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