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Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple History

sree padmanabha swamy temple timings and History, by mixing distinctive Kerala and Dravidian design
concepts of the architectural. It is Trivandrum’s East Fort of Trivandrum sports that attracts the interest and admiration of thousands of visitors.

It is towards the God Lord Vishnu, one of the world’s most potent trinities. According to the famous Hindu beliefs, it to be one of the holiest places for Lord Vishnu.

Many pain on the temple’s history primarily because it has to the past. However, it is interesting to observe the temple’s mention in epics and the Puranas. As per Srimad Bhagavatham, Lord Balarama, the cousin of Lord Krishna, was bath in Padmatheertham, the pond adjacent to the temple.

According to the past scriptures, it was over 5000 years ago, but there is no proof in perfect evidence. It to be a holy water tank named Padma Theerdham, meaning a lotus spring close to the temple.

Myths & Legends Surrounding the Temple-

-:There are many myths linked to this temple. Here’s a fascinating one: The History Behind This Temple

There was a formidable Vishnu devotee known as Divakar muni at Aanarthadesa. He could correctly perform his ceremonies and pujas without failure. One day, Muni was able to see a young boy close to his ashram and was so enthralled that he asked the child to remain with him.

The boy agreed to the condition that he would never ridicule. The Muni normal to the childish actions of this child with grace. One day, while Muni was doing puja, the boy took the Salagrama, the Muni, offers prayers and puts them in his mouth.

He took it away, after which the Muni became so furious that he was rebuke and demanded the child to go out of the area immediately. The boy, as he left, was adamant to Muni that he should come to Ananthankaadu in case he wanted to meet Muni.

sree padmanabha swamy temple timings
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After a time, it discovered that Muni discovered that the boy could appear to be Lord Vishnu himself. He responded to his prayer of blessing the boy with “Divya Darshanam’. Then the Muni searching for the boy, finally arrived at Ananthankaadu and observed the boy’s transformation, with an Iluppa tree (Indian butter trees) falling and turning into a big Vishnu idol.

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The idol was so huge that its head locates at Thiruvallam, three miles away from the east fort. At the same time, the feet situate at Trippapur, located five miles north of the location.

Then, the Muni requested Lord Vishnu to shrink down to the size where he could see him, and the idol reduced to an 18-foot size. The Muni then presented a mango that he bought from a nearby spot which he kept inside a coconut shell. The offering continues to offer at this temple as a tradition.

-Padmanabha-Swamy temple timings-

Morning-03:45 am to 04:15 am
05:15am to 06:15am
08:30am to 10:00am
10:30am to 11:15am

Evening-05.00 pm to 06.15 pm
06:50pm to 07:20pm

-Padmanabha-Swamy Temple Treasure-

Six vaults beneath the temple. It was time to open these vaults to examine the contents that caused the decade-long legal dispute thoroughly. In 2011 an officer who was retire from the police force request the Supreme Court, asking it to require a count of the temple’s treasures.

So, in 2017, the Supreme court of India sent seven members in the presence of trustees for the Travancore trust run by Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy to open six vaults.

The vaults contained sacks filled with diamonds, gold, precious gems, stone statues and thrones made from precious metals valued at more than INR 1 trillion (USD 15 billion).

Vault B remained untouched due to the belief that anyone who attempted to break it open would be a channel for disaster. After the tragic death of the petitioner, only a few weeks to go before the vaults were available.

Vault B is to be guarded by serpents and other gods of the supernatural that have to serve as the guardians of vaults. Only an authentic saint or sage with a superior power level can eliminate the poisonous snakes by chanting the Garuda mantra correctly.

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