Surya Dev 12 Names|5 Lines On Sun Temple

Who is Surya Dev Or Sun God ?

Surya dev, also known as Aditya, is the Hindu god of the Sun. Sun God creator of all things and the source of all living. Surya is the supreme spirit who brings light and warmth into the world. He rides his golden chariot pulled by seven horses and drives daily by red Aruna. Dawn is an embodiment of light. Surya Mandir Konark, Orissa is the most prominent temple of God. He worshipped in India, but not only in northeast India. He is still an important figure in Hinduism, but he is also a minor god in Buddhism.

The main deity of the Nava-grahas, or the Nine Planets of Hindu Astrology, is also the main deity. He known as one of the Nava-grahas. Surya is riding a chariot pulled by seven horses or one horse with seven heads. He was holding two lotus-filled hands and sometimes four. These horses also represent the colors of the rainbow and seven chakras within the subtle human body.

In Hinduism, Surya Devata considered an eye of Virata Purusha.

People, saints, and even demons worship Surya. Some Rakshasa groups, known as the Yatudhanas, were staunch supporters of the Sun God.

Surya dev
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Surya Devta considered the Supreme Being by followers of the Saura sect.
It has become scarce and almost extinct. The Sauras revere him as one of five primary forms of God.

Sun God Surya Has Many Names-

Lord Surya or Sun God 108 names.
Aditya and Adideva are the most common among them.

Maitreya, Prabhakara, Ravi, Rudra, Savitri, Soma,
Teja, Vaisravana Vanhi Varun,Dharmadhwaja, Dhatri, Dhumaketu, Indra, Jaya, Vishnu and Varun.

Festivals of Lord Surya-

Many festivals to Lord Surya.
Here are some of the most popular festivals named after the Sun God.
Makar Sankranti is also known as Maghe Sanktanki or Maghi and on the first of Magh.

It is Suryadev’s most beloved and celebrated festival.
According to legend, Maghe Sankranti celebrates the end of the cold winter weather.
Start with warmer weather and better days.

Chhath, another Hindu festival, celebrated under Lord Surya.
It is on the sixth day after Deepawali. Chhath, a four-day ancient festival dedicated to Sun God, is celebrated for four days. It that Surya’s son, Karna, started it.
Chhath, however, is one of the most challenging festivals.
The majority of those performing the puja are women and must fast for four days without food or water.

Surya Dev Temple Importance And Who Built It ?

Konark, in many Hindu scriptures, is a place where
One of the most popular is Konark, where the first Sun temple
Samba Purana is an ancient text dedicated solely to Surya. It tells the story of Samba.
The temple by Lord Krishna’s son worships the sun.

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Samba to have started worshipping the sun.
According to legend, Samba built a temple for the sun in the 19th century BC.
His 12-year-long worship of the Sun at Maitryeavana. of leprosy he had been suffering from by this worship.

In the thirteenth century, Konark Sun Temple to Surya, the Hindu Sun Lord. The temple, according to King Narasingha I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. Another theory states that the Sun Lord also healed Lord Krishna Samba’s son from a particular disease. Krishna Samba built the temple to pay tribute to him. Two Sanskrit words make up Konark: Kona, which means corner, and Arka, which means sun. Its geographical location gives it its name, which looks like the sun rises at an angle. The temple was in the 13th Century CE, and King Narasimhadeva built it. I descend from the Eastern Ganga Dynasty, 1238-1250 CE.

The commission for the construction of the temple came from the Samantaraya Mahapatra was its architect and king. Konark is the sun The four corners.

Black Pagoda was the name given to the temple by the Europeans, referring to its dark façade. Sailors used it to navigate. The temple was said to be able to draw ships to shore.
Its magnetic power.

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