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Introduction– VishnuMaya temple is located in Thrissur, kerala. Lord Vishnu Maya is also known in the form of Chathan and Kuttichathan. His buffalo rides are famous as the man with Maya (illusions).

Vishnu Maya (Kuttichathan) was born in union with Lord Shiva and a girl from the tribe known as Koolivaka. When Sivanandana was denied the right to access the home that was Siva, Sivanandana assumed the form of Vishnu. Thus Sivanandana was known as ‘Vishnumaya’.

Vishnumaya is known to grant his devotees better prosperity in life. People from all over the globe seek to attain an improved standard of living quality and improve One’s personal and family wealth. Prayer to Kuttichathan guarantees that all problems are sorted out and people enjoy an improved quality of life.

The inhabitants of Kerala believe that the temple was, in the past, a tiny shrine, and it is Kellunni Panicker who built the Vishnumaya Murthi close to One of his Kalari. The Vishnu Maya temple in kerala pujas is carried out as per tradition that they are conducted under the direct guidance of God himself.

VishnuMaya temple in kerala
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History Of vishnumaya temple in kerala

Vishnumaya, also called the “Chathan,” is one of the Hindu gods renowned for his magical powers. Vishnumaya is well-known in south india, particularly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, etc. The legend says that he is the son of Lord Shiva, and Kulivaka is a tribal reincarnation of Shree Parvathi.
(in particular, stories of mythology).

This is how Vishnumaya’s story, the Chathan, is told in mythology. One day, while Lord Shiva was hunting, he came across gorgeous tribespeople. woman named Kulivaka. The combination of a long, lonely life and the stunning beauty of Kulivaka caused the Lord to be lusty. After informing Kulivaka of his desires, Lord Shiva took a bath, and at that point, Kulivaka could comprehend the full extent of the matter.

A sincere devotee to Shre Parvathi Kulivaka knew that marrying the Lord would result in the fury of devi Parvathi. she was also at the same time hysterical. The wrath of Lord Shiva if she did not obey his wrath. Confronted with this, she invoked Devi to come up with the solution.

When she appeared in front of Kulivaka, Devi Parvati, delighted by her kindness and kind heart, decided to inform her why she was bound to marry Kulivaka.The Lord himself. In her previous life, she was among the servants of the circle of Parvati and was known as Manaswini and was able to breastfeed Lord Ganesha,
Son of Devi Parvati. Parvati was not a fan of the fact that a servant was breastfeeding her child. So she cured her. She will be born into a chandala family in the future.

When Shree Parvati’s anger eventually subsided, she realized she had compassion for Manaswini. Devi Parvati blessed Manaswini with the chance to breastfeed The son of Lord Shiva, indeed, after being born into the Chandala family. Parvati informed Koolivaka it was a preordained destiny that she would be the first Shiva to be able to see her. She also informed Koolivaka that Shiva was destined to meet her.

She will assume as Koolivaka and trick Lord Shiva as well. The son born from that would be the murderer of the Asura Lord Jalandhara.

A union between Psuedo Koovalika and Lord shiva witnessed an infant baby with the power of God. Lord Shiva set up a buffalo for the protection of this baby. This divine child became called Chathan and was gifted to Koolivaka to raise. Koolivaka was then her mother to Chathan, Lord Shiva’s son, following Parvati’s blessings. Chathan was a part of Koolivaka for around seven years. The tribal people were enthralled by the boy who protected them from danger.

He traveled through the jungle riding his buffalo and playing an instrument that is referred to by the name of “Ezhara.”

On his seventh birthday, tribals celebrated a feast to honor him. During the celebration, the sage Narada was revealed to be him. He told Chathan the secrets of his birth. In addition, Narada advised Chathan to visit his family in Kailasa. He also revealed to Chathan the real reason for his birth.

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Chathan began the journey toward Kailasam by obtaining permission from his foster mother and other friends. He rode his buffalo until Kailasam. As he was about to arrive at Kailasam, He realized that Nandikeshwara wouldn’t allow him to enter Kailash in his current form. He reincarnated the appearance of the Lord.
Vishnu. After seeing their son, Shiva Parvati was pleased that they hugged their son. Lord Shiva blessed him, saying, “You have invoked the shape of Vishnu by means of Maya (magic). That is why you’ll be known as Vishnu Maya.

In addition, He taught him the art of fighting and the techniques to kill Jalandhara (an asura who was attacking the Devas) when
he confronted Jalandhara and following a brutal fight, Jalandhara was beheaded by Chathan, and that was the ending of Asura Lord. The devas latterly understood the strength of Chathan and offered him a region in heaven which Chathan grew to become down, and referred to that he used to be a member of the bad and returned to his family.

Then another impressive Asura called Briga was looking to wed Koolivaka and could use a massive force to seize and attack her. Chathan was slain in the battle, and his blood was splattered everywhere.

The blood was sprayed onto the ground, and a sprinkling of 400 Kuttichathans came from which 10 sacrificed their lives to safeguard their Chathan while swallowing Brahmastras. He was so, leaving behind the 390 Kuttichathans. Chathan killed Briga using his “Kuruvadi,” and everything was well. Vishnumaya, also known as Chathan, is considered by many to be the most significant and powerful magical God that will grant his followers all of their desires. Lord Vishnumaya is the primary God of people in Central Kerala.

Vishnumaya temple in Kerala address


Avanangattil Kalari, Kizhakkummuri, Peringottukara,Peringottukara, Thrissur – 680565

Avanangattil Kalari, Peringottukara, Kizhakkummuri, Kerala 680571,Phone: 0487 227 0100

Best 6 Vishnumaya temples in Kerala

Vishnu Maya / Kuttichathan Temples in Kerala

Avanangattu kalari, Thrissur

Chunanghi Bhagavathy

Kanadi Kuttichathan Kavu, Thrissur

Karanayil Madom, Thrissur

Karinkutty Temple, Thrissur

Vishnumaya temples Pooja Cost

Vishnumaya Pooja cost-


One day Shakthi Pooja


Annadhanam, on Thiravellattu day


Annadhanam is celebrated on Ulsavam day




Amavasi Shakthi Pooja


Chuttuvilakku, Niramala


Chuttuvilakku Special Shaktheya Pooja




1/2 Brahmavellattu


Nivedhya Pooja (on Tuesdays)


Karushakthi pooja


Annadhanam for 10 persons


Offerings in Roopakkalam




Shaktheya Kalasham




Kukkuda Nivedhya




Thulabharam (Devotees for bringing items needed and Thattilpanam)




Shaktheya pushpanjali




Ghee Lamp


Appam, Ada, Puttu


Milk Payasam


Madhu Nivedya (Toddy)


Ghee Payasam


Malar, Avil


Vedivazhipadu (one)


Llaneer (Tender coconut)


Vella Nivedhya


Thavidu (Bran)








Camphor rs.10

Vishnumaya temple pooja benefits

The benefits of praising Lord Vishnumaya


One of the primary reasons why devotees seek Vishnumaya’s blessing is to live a healthier and healthful life. The Lord’s blessings ensure that you are free from all illnesses and have a healthier Healthy living is assured. Apart from bodily health, the refuge of Vishnumaya Kuttichathan additionally offers you peace of thought and extra effective intellectual fitness overall.

Greater general prosperity:

Vishnumaya is reputed to provide his devotees with excellent health and wealth. People from all over the world seek to improve their standard of living and better quality of life.
And increase one’s personal as well as the prosperity of family members. Praying to Kuttichathan helps ensure that all problems are sorted out, and the person enjoys an improved quality of life.

Sathrusamhara :

This is the most popular and sought-after benefit of praising Vishnumaya. In a life constantly tangled with the tense and competitive nature of life, each of us will Have enemies, which will always give us tough competition both in our personal lives and when working. Prayer to God will ensure
that all your enemy’s life is no longer centered on you. It is essential to remain ahead of the curve in your work and personal life.

To get the job you’ve always wanted:

A secure and safe job is the ultimate goal for everyone, yet it’s yet the most difficult challenge an ordinary man must face. The dream job you’ve always wanted does not just require your effort but also the support and guidance of the great Vishnumaya. It is among the many benefits people seek in this shrine to Lord Vishnumaya.

To resolve family problems that are not resolved:

Family issues are all too common, and sometimes things may get out of control. When you encounter situations like this, Visnhumaya Kuttichathan can be found In your rescue. Praying and performing special poojas will assist in resolving the family problems that affect you mentally and physically.

To increase wealth and accumulate wealth:

One of the main goals for many is to live the financial security and safety of life. That’s why the accumulation of wealth is an essential objective for many.

Offering specific pujas This will help you stay on the right path to making sure you meet all the money goals that you’ve made and thus accumulate enough wealth to
support you along with your entire family.

To resolve issues relating to home:

The home is where you can find peace and calm. There are times when there are issues with the home that can influence your mental and physical daily.

Lord Vishnumaya will ensure that all home-related issues can be solved simply by praying and performing regular poojas rituals.

More academically and in the classroom:

Occasionally, you might not get the desired results after many hours of research and study. All your efforts and long night hours could be a waste Of time. These are the times you require the blessings of Lord Kuttichathan. With his blessings, you’re well-positioned to surpass the goals you’ve set for yourself.

To alleviate the destructive and harmful results caused by Black Magic and evil eye:

Your achievements are likely to make other people jealous and jealous. It could result in other people performing black magic on you. When this happens, You could be the victim of black magic. Your only hope for salvation is to pray and ask for the blessings of Lord Vishnumaya. Black magic’s effects and evil eye
won’t affect your family’s lives.

To have children:

If you’re thinking of conceiving and expecting a child, The blessings of Lord Vishnumaya give them support mentally and promise the blessings that give them a

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