12 Forms Of Kali And How Goddess Kali Was Born

Kali is the fiercest of Goddesses and is also known being the Greatmother. Her name is Brahmani or universe, and she is the Goddess of universal power, time, life, and death. And both the process of rebirth and liberation. Is it chaos that consumes Kala (Time) before she returns to her dark formlessness? Kali is believed to have the number 8, 12, or 21 in various forms by different customs. The 12 Forms Of Kali that are part of Mother Kali can be identified as Adya Kali, Matangi Kali, Chhinnamasta kali, Shamsana Kali, Bagala Kali, Dakshina Kali, Bhairavi Kali, Tara kali, Shodoshi kali, Kamala Kali, Guhya Kali, Dhumavati kali.

If she is for a ride when she is on the run, it’s Shiva who lays like a child on her way and helps her calm. Shiva can sift through any preconceived notions and bring about transformation. Like a force of nature, it is no wonder she is worshipped by the end of Sharadotsav without knowing the winter’s coming events.

1. Adya Kali -Goddess Adya Kali is among Dasha Mahavidya. Adya Kali puja is celebrated on Amavasya day in Kartika month. This day is when Maa Kali is invoked to receive her blessings. Adya Shakti refers to a primal power or energy of the first. 

People devoted to the Goddess recognize Adya Kali as the Goddess Adya, and the symbol of the goddesses Durga, Kali, Parvati, and Parvati are the creators and caretakers. Adya Kali represents the ultimate power which is the belief that divinities of the Hindu religion are depictions or manifestations of Adya Kali. 

12 Forms Of Kali
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Adya Kali is worshipped with grand fervour throughout India, especially in West Bengal. While Adya Kali is a goddess of the West, she is also revered in many parts. Adya Kali and Kali both have the same core, but their manifestations are distinct.

According to legend mythology, the Goddess Kali was created by the eyebrows of Durga. In the Holy Scriptures, demons Shumbha and Nishumbha had caused chaos in the heavens. They brought chaos over the earth and in the sky. The Gods were not able to stop it.

To fight the demons. They sought out aid from Goddess Durga. Kali came into the world as Kaal Bhoy Nashini to be an avatar of Durga to protect the world from evil forces. With Yogini and Dakini, Kali Maa went on a killing spree and killed the monsters. However, the situation had become very chaotic. Kali had killed

anyone who crossed her way. Her insanity was causing the deaths of many innocent lives. 

To calm her, Lord Shiva put himself at her feet. As the Goddess

Kali took a step upon Shiva’s chest. She regretted her actions and dripped her tongue in shock. Since then, the day has been observed in the form of Shyama Puja or Kali Puja.

2. Matangi Kali – She is Saraswati’s ferocious incarnation of the Goddess of Knowledge. Since she is a tantric Goddess, she exists at the fringes of the organized Hindu religion. The beautiful emerald green goddess is given half-eaters or stale food by one hand (the dirty hand). The name she is often used for her is Chandalini. Goddess Matangi is We never attended worship at home.

3. Chhinnamasta kali– This is one of the oddest forms of the Goddess you’ll encounter. Chinna Masta means to be beheaded. This Kali avatar is a representation of a decapitated head.

The head is sipped with the blood flowing from the throat’s stump. Her feet of her are two people with a passion that is burning. It is a symbol of Death and Creation in a couple.

4. Shamsana Kali is the Goddess of God who oversees the activities at the crematorium. This particular form of Goddess Kali is worshipped only within the Hindu Crematorium

or Shamsana. The Goddess has no tongue protruding and, oddly enough, has only two hands. An extremely human projection.

5. Bagala Kali– This is an incredibly violent portrayal of Kali, but her beauty is stunning. She is a bit lighter skin tone and can be seen taking the tongues out of The demons.

6. Dakshina Kali-Dakshinakali is the most popular type associated with Kali in Bengal. She is the mother of mercy and protects her family members and children from accidents and misfortunes. Kali’s name stems from the tale of Yama, the death lord who dwells in the South of Dakshina. 

When Yama saw Kali’s name and was terrified, he ran away,

And so, worshippers of Kali are believed to be able to overcome death itself. Dakshinakali is usually depicted standing with her right foot on Shiva’s chest. 

In contrast, the images of Kali standing with her left leg on Shiva’s chest show the terrifying Vamakali is usually depicted with her left foot on Shiva’s chest. Vamakali is generally worshipped by those who are not householders. 

The pose marks the end of an episode during which Kali was beyond her control after destroying numerous demons. Shiva is afraid that Kali will not cease until the world destroys her. 

She swallowed the world, and he could only think of one solution to soothe her. He lay on the battlefield, so she had to step towards him. She was seeing her consort under the foot. 

Kali was aware that she was going too far and slowed her down. According to some versions of the story, Shiva attempted to accept Kali’s grace by accepting her feet on his chest.

7. Bhairavi Kali- She is described as the Harbinger of Death in the scriptures. However, she is just the mother protecting her children from evil. She is the most important. The temple of worship is located in Tripura.

8. Tara Kali-The most striking characteristic of this severe form is Kali is the light blue colour. It is common to see her naked until the waist and then covered in a tiger’s skin.

9. Shodoshi Kali– Goddess Kali is depicted as the seductress in this version. She is a young girl emerging from naivete to Lord Shiva. Shiva, as well as the Hindu Trinity consisting of BramhaVishu, and Maheshwar (Shiva), pays her respect of her.

10. Kamala Kali– She’s an incarnation of the tantric Goddess of prosperity and wealth, Lakshmi. To the South, this particular form is of goddess Kali is worshipped as Gaja Lakshmi” as Two elephants are at her side.

11. Guhya Kali– Goddess Guhya Kali is among the most impressive forms of the Hindu mother goddess Shakti. According to existing information, this manifestation of Goddess Kali is connected to Tantra. Guhya kali is the third form of energy that is associated with kali. 

Kali is often referred to as Kaleshwari because she prefers dark black. That is the wife of Kaleshwar. Ghuya is the term used to describe hidden female energy. It implies its hidden female power from kali, also known as Ghuya kali.

12. Dhumavati Kali– This is an extraordinary depiction of the Goddess being widowed. She is most likely the only Goddess who is widowed in Hindu mythology. Is an exceptional

Goddess is often referred to as the “Smoke Goddess or the Spirit of Smoke.

 Her image is that of an alternative to Lakshmi, which represents everything good and positive. She is portrayed as a symbol of auspicious and good luck. We pray for Dhumavati or Alakshmi. We pray that she leaves our home.

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