Best Palani Temple Darshan Timings

Palani temple darshan timings are for Murugan devotee who comes from far away. He is Siva’s second son, and he was born from His divine mind. His electric power awakens spiritual intelligence to propel souls forward in their journey to Siva’s feet.

Murugan, the God of Religion and Yoga, is loved by Tamil Saivites, and he is primarily worshipped in Tamilnadu, South India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore as Murugan.

They believe that He is the one who guides their culture. His devotees turn to Him for healing their bodies and minds and the strength to overcome life’s difficulties.

He is known to be fond of bamboo groves and hilltops. His Vahana, the beautiful and proud peacock, is also said to love them.

His other names include Subrahmanya (subrahmanya), Kumara, Skanda and Skanda, as well as Karttikeya (Kumara), Subrahmanya and Shanmukhanatha.

Hindus and Buddhists revere him in China, Japan, and elsewhere. This red-hued God, seated majestically on the Manipura Chakra, blesses all people and helps them rise to higher consciousness via sadhana or yoga.

His blessings enhance our meditations and bring detachment and willpower. Lord Murugan wears a vel (or spear) that represents the power to overcome ignorance and darkness.

Palani temple story

Sage Agasthiyar wanted to revive the Sivagiri and Sakthigiri hills and Sakthigiri hills to Southern and Sakthigiri hills to Southern India.

On his orders, Idumban, his solemn disciple, was carried Both hills of the form of Kaavadi are two hills, which is two hills that hang On the ropes, either side of the wood bar’s edges.

He was tired and wanted to relax and set the Kavadi on earth. At that same moment, the most well-known Sage Narada Muni attended Shiva at Mount Kailash to present a fruit called the Guyana-Pazham (literally, the fruit of wisdom).

Palani temple darshan timings
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Lord Shiva chose to give the prize to one of his sons he decided to award it. The first step is to encircle the earth three times. Then, at that point, acknowledging the demand, Murugan([Karthikeya]) began his excursion all over the planet Peacocks on his mount.

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However, Ganesha surmised that the universe was only his two fathers, Shiva and Shakti, together. Ganesha circled them and grabbed the fruit.

Therefore,Murugan was in a fury. Then, he felt the need to grow up from young age and so decided to go for it. To be an elitist to remain a hermit in Palani, .where his parents came to calm him.

He was referred to as “Gnana Pazham Neeyappa,” which refers to Lord Murugan himself as a treasure trove of wisdom. That is the reason The hill is known as Pazhani.

Meanwhile, the Idumban tried to make the hill move but could not do so since Lord Murugan had aboded upon it. Then, each devotee, Whoever carries an offering in the form of a Kaavadi, gets his desires fulfilled.

Before going to Lord Muruga, devotees obey Indumban; who is located who is at the hill’s entry point?

The legend about the Murugan of Palani was first introduced and dedicated by Sage Bogar, one of Hinduism’s most revered sages.

The fantasy of the Murugan in Palani was set up and was sanctified by the sage Bogar, who is one of Hinduism’s 18 great Siddhas, made of a mixture of nine poisons or the Navapashanam.

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Palani temple History

The Temple was believed be built by Cheraman Perumal King of the dynasty of Chera. There’s a fascinating story about the King.

While the King was on the Palani hills, Lord Murugan gave darshan to his dream. He commanded the King to rebuild The hill temple.
The Chera King climbed the mountain to find Murugan worshipped the idol. He was devoted to rebuilding the Temple in the present location.

The next step was Cholas and Pandyas. They also enlarged the small Temple. By adding gopurams and mandapams between the 8th and 13th centuries.

The Nayaka Kings played their part by creating gorgeous sculptures. The mandates displayed on these walls in the Temple are proof of the offerings to perform poojas and the constructions made by various King’s.

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Palani temple is believed to be synonymous with Panchamirtam with Panchamirtam, a sweet mix composed of five ingredients.

It is among the most revered abodes to Lord Muruga that include

Tiruttani Subramanya Temple, Pazhamuthircholai Solaimalai Murugan Temple, Thiruchendur Subramaniyaswami temple, Swami Malai Karthikeya Temple and Thiruparangundram Subramaniyar Temple.

The Temple is situated at the summit of Palani’s two hills. Also known as called the Sivagiri. Into the hillside or along the main staircase.

The ceremonial elephants utilize the elephant or Yanaipadhai. Pilgrims carrying water to the bathing ritual of the idol and the priests will take an alternative route, which is still on the side of the hill, but on the opposite side.

It is located within Palani, the capital city. Palani within the Dindigul district, located 100km (62 miles) to the southeast of Coimbatore and Northwest in the northwest of Madurai, situated in the foothills of the Palani hills.
Tamil Nadu, India.

Palani temple darshan timings

palani temple darshan timings, Viswaroopa Darshan, Pooja, Special Darshan

Darshan / PoojaTimings
Viswaroopa Darshan5:40 am
Darshan6:00 am – 6:50 am
Vila Pooja6:50 am – 7:15 am
Darshan7:15 am – 8:00 am
Sirukalasanthi8:00 am – 8:25 am
Darshan8:25 am – 9:00 am
Kalasanthi9:00 am – 9:25 am
Darshan9:25 am – 12:00 pm
Uchikala Pooja12:00 pm – 12:25 pm
Darshan12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Sayaraksha Pooja5:30 pm – 5:55 pm
Darshan6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Rakaala Pooja8:00 pm – 8:25 pm
Best Palani temple darshan timings
Darshan / Pooja Timings
Darshan8:30 pm – 8:45 pm
Temple closing hours9:00 pm
Best Palani temple darshan timings

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Tiru Karthik P. Chidambaram

Thiru. Mohan P. Kandasamy Arulmigu Dandayudapani Swamy Thirukoil Tmt. Indra Ravichandran Palani – 624 601
Thiru. A. Nagarajan Tamil Nadu INDIA
Phone: (+91) (4545) 241417 (Office JC)
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